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Bushings: Plain Bearing Demountable
Part No.DescriptionMaterialA - Nom. I.D. (mm)StyleF - Shoulder Length (mm)E - Press Fit Length (mm)L - Overall Length (mm)
6-1828-23BUSHING 18MM ID X 34MM LONGBronze Plated18Short Shoulder161834
6-1828-24BUSHING 18MM ID X 50MM LONGBronze Plated18Shoulder321850
6-1828-27BUSHING 18MM ID X 27MM LONGBronze Plated18Low Profile101828
6-1828-63BUSHING 18MM ID X 34MM LONGSteel18Short Shoulder161834
6-1828-64BUSHING 18MM ID X 50MM LONGSteel18Shoulder321850
6-1828-68BUSHING 18MM ID X 28MM LONGSteel18Low Profile101828
6-1928-23BUSHING 19MM ID X 34MM LONGBronze Plated19Short Shoulder161834
6-1928-24BUSHING 19MM ID X 50MM LONGBronze Plated19Shoulder321850
6-1928-27BUSHING 19MM ID X 28MM LONGBronze Plated19Low Profile101828
6-1928-63BUSHING 19MM ID X 34MM LONGSteel19Short Shoulder161834
6-1928-64BUSHING 19MM ID X 50MM LONGSteel19Shoulder321850
6-1928-68BUSHING 19MM ID X 28MM LONGSteel19Low Profile101828
6-2438-23BUSHING 24MM ID X 44MM LONGBronze Plated24Short Shoulder212344
6-2438-24BUSHING 24MM ID X 70MM LONGBronze Plated24Shoulder472370
6-2438-27BUSHING 24MM ID X 33MM LONGBronze Plated24Low Profile102333
6-2438-28BUSHING 24MM ID X 70MM LONGBronze Plated24Extra Long Shoulder752398
6-2438-63BUSHING 24MM ID X 44MM LONGSteel24Short Shoulder212344
6-2438-64BUSHING 24MM ID X 70MM LONGSteel24Shoulder472370
6-2438-65BUSHING 24MM ID X 70MM LONGSteel24Extra Long Shoulder752398
6-2438-68BUSHING 24MM ID X 33MM LONGSteel24Low Profile102333
6-2538-23BUSHING 25MM ID X 44MM LONGBronze Plated25Short Shoulder212344
6-2538-24BUSHING 25MM ID X 70MM LONGBronze Plated25Shoulder472370
6-2538-27BUSHING 25MM ID X 33MM LONGBronze Plated25Low Profile102333
6-2538-28BUSHING 25MM ID X 70MM LONGBronze Plated25Extra Long Shoulder752398
6-2538-63BUSHING 25MM ID X 44MM LONGSteel25Short Shoulder212344
6-2538-64BUSHING 25MM ID X 70MM LONGSteel25Shoulder472370
6-2538-65BUSHING 25MM ID X 98MM LONGSteel25Extra Long Shoulder752398
6-2538-68BUSHING 25MM ID X 33MM LONGSteel25Low Profile102333
6-3045-23BUSHING 30MM ID X 46MM LONGBronze Plated30Short Shoulder212546
6-3045-24BUSHING 30MM ID X 75MM LONGBronze Plated30Shoulder502575
6-3045-27BUSHING 30MM ID X 40MM LONGBronze Plated30Low Profile103040
6-3045-28BUSHING 30MM ID X 75MM LONGBronze Plated30Extra Long Shoulder7525100
6-3045-63BUSHING 30MM ID X 46MM LONGSteel30Short Shoulder212546
6-3045-64BUSHING 30MM ID X 75MM LONGSteel30Shoulder502575
6-3045-65BUSHING 30MM ID X100MM LONGSteel30Extra Long Shoulder7525100
6-3045-68BUSHING 30MM ID X 40MM LONGSteel30Low Profile103040
6-3245-23BUSHING 32MM ID X 46MM LONGBronze Plated32Short Shoulder212546
6-3245-24BUSHING 32MM ID X 75MM LONGBronze Plated32Shoulder502575
6-3245-27BUSHING 32MM ID X 40MM LONGBronze Plated32Low Profile103040
6-3245-28BUSHING 32MM ID X100MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated32Extra Long Shoulder7525100
6-3245-63BUSHING 32MM ID X 46MM LONGSteel32Short Shoulder212546
6-3245-64BUSHING 32MM ID X 75MM LONGSteel32Shoulder502575
6-3245-65BUSHING 32MM ID X100MM LONGSteel32Extra Long Shoulder7525100
6-3245-68BUSHING 32MM ID X 40MM LONGSteel32Low Profile103040
6-3854-23BUSHING 38MM ID X 51MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated38Short Shoulder213051
6-3854-24.SH 38MM ID X 80MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated38Shoulder503080
6-3854-27BUSHING 38MM ID X 52MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated38Low Profile143852
6-3854-28BUSHING 38MM ID X115MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated38Extra Long Shoulder8530115
6-3854-63BUSHING 38MM ID X 51MM LONGSteel38Short Shoulder213051
6-3854-64BUSHING 38MM ID X 80MM LONGSteel38Shoulder503080
Part No.DescriptionMaterialA - Nom. I.D. (mm)StyleF - Shoulder Length (mm)E - Press Fit Length (mm)L - Overall Length (mm)
6-3854-65BUSHING 38MM ID X115MM LONGSteel38Extra Long Shoulder8530115
6-3854-68BUSHING 38MM ID X 52MM LONGSteel38Low Profile143852
6-4054-23BUSHING 40MM ID X 51MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated40Short Shoulder213051
6-4054-24BUSHING 40MM ID X 80MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated40Shoulder503080
6-4054-27BUSHING 40MM ID X 52MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated40Low Profile143852
6-4054-28BUSHING 40MM ID X115MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated40Extra Long Shoulder8530115
6-4054-63BUSHING 40MM ID X 51MM LONGSteel40Short Shoulder213051
6-4054-64BUSHING 40MM ID X 80MM LONGSteel40Shoulder503080
6-4054-65BUSHING 40MM ID X115MM LONGSteel40Extra Long Shoulder8530115
6-4054-68BUSHING 40MM ID X 52MM LONGSteel40Low Profile143852
6-4865-23BUSHING 48MM ID X 60MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated48Short Shoulder253560
6-4865-24BUSHING 48MM ID X 85MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated48Shoulder503585
6-4865-27BUSHING 48MM ID X 62MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated48Low Profile144862
6-4865-28BUSHING 48MM ID X135MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated48Extra Long Shoulder10035135
6-4865-63BUSHING 48MM ID X 60MM LONGSteel48Short Shoulder253560
6-4865-64BUSHING 48MM ID X 85MM LONGSteel48Shoulder503585
6-4865-65BUSHING 48MM ID X135MM LONGSteel48Extra Long Shoulder10035135
6-4865-68BUSHING 48MM ID X 62MM LONGSteel48Low Profile144862
6-5065-23BUSHING 50MM ID X 60MM LONGBronze Plated50Short Shoulder253560
6-5065-24BUSHING 50MM ID X 85MM LONGBronze Plated50Shoulder503585
6-5065-27BUSHING 50MM ID X 62MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated50Low Profile144862
6-5065-28BUSHING 50MM ID X135MM LG.BRONZE PLTDBronze Plated50Extra Long Shoulder10035135
6-5065-63BUSHING 50MM ID X 60MM LONGSteel50Short Shoulder253560
6-5065-64BUSHING 50MM ID X 85MM LONGSteel50Shoulder503585
6-5065-65TSH 50MM ID X135MM LONGSteel50Extra Long Shoulder10035135
6-5065-68BUSHING 50MM ID X 62MM LONGSteel50Low Profile144862
6-6381-23BUSHING 63MM ID X 75MM LONGBronze Plated63Short Shoulder274875
6-6381-24BUSHING 63MM ID X100MM LONGBronze Plated63Shoulder5248100
6-6381-27BUSHING 63MM ID X 75MM LONGBronze Plated63Low Profile146175
6-6381-63BUSHING 63MM ID X 75MM LONGSteel63Short Shoulder274875
6-6381-64BUSHING 63MM ID X100MM LONGSteel63Shoulder5248100
6-6381-68BUSHING 63MM ID X 75MM LONGSteel63Low Profile146175
6-8010-23BUSHING 80MM ID X 75MM LONGBronze Plated80Short Shoulder274875
6-8010-24BUSHING 80MM ID X100MM LONGBronze Plated80Shoulder5248100
6-8010-27BUSHING 80MM ID X 92MM LONGBronze Plated80Low Profile147892
6-8010-63BUSHING 80MM ID X 75MM LONGSteel80Short Shoulder274875
6-8010-64BUSHING 80MM ID X100MM LONGSteel80Shoulder5248100
6-8010-68BUSHING 80MM ID X 92MM LONGSteel80Low Profile147892
NM100125MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating100Low Profile19106125
NM100PAD115MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating100Low Profile6109115
NM115140MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating115Low Profile20120140
NM125160MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating125Low Profile28132160
NM125PAD138MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating125Low Profile6132138
NM3250MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating32Low Profile104050
NM32PAD50MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating32Low Profile64450
NM4063MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating40Low Profile135063
NM40PAD55MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating40Low Profile64955
Part No.DescriptionMaterialA - Nom. I.D. (mm)StyleF - Shoulder Length (mm)E - Press Fit Length (mm)L - Overall Length (mm)
NM5071MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating50Low Profile155671
NM50PAD63MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating50Low Profile65763
NM6380MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating63Low Profile176380
NM63PAD75MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating63Low Profile66975
NM80100MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating80Low Profile2080100
NM80PAD90MM OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGS - NAAMSSelf-Lubricating80Low Profile68490
VDI100100ID X 125OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGSelf-Lubricating100Low Profile19106125
VDI125125ID X 160OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGSelf-Lubricating125Low Profile28132160
VDI2525ID X 40OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGSelf-Lubricating25Low Profile103040
VDI3232ID X 50OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGSelf-Lubricating32Low Profile104050
VDI4040ID X 63OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGSelf-Lubricating40Low Profile135063
VDI5050ID X 71OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGSelf-Lubricating50Low Profile155671
VDI6363ID X 80OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGSelf-Lubricating63Low Profile176380
VDI8080ID X 100OVERALL LENGTH BUSHINGSelf-Lubricating80Low Profile2080100


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