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Formathane Rods
Part No.DescriptionDiameter (mm)Length (mm)DurometerColor
MRM-1001000100X1000mm Tan Urethane rod100100095 ATan
MRM-1001000B100X1000mm Black Urethane rod100100070 ABlack
MRM-1001000R100X1000mm Red Urethane rod100100085 ARed
MRM-1001000Y100X1000mm Yellow Urethane rod100100090 AYellow
MRM-100500100X500mm Tan Urethane rod10050095 ATan
MRM-100500B100X500mm Black Urethane rod10050070 ABlack
MRM-100500R100X500mm Red Urethane rod10050085 ARed
MRM-100500Y100X500mm Yellow Urethane rod10050090 AYellow
MRM-1050010X500mm Tan Urethane rod1050095 ATan
MRM-10500B10X500mm Black Urethane rod1050070 ABlack
MRM-10500R10X500mm Red Urethane rod1050085 ARed
MRM-10500Y10X500mm Yellow Urethane rod1050090 AYellow
MRM-1550015X500mm Tan Urethane rod1550095 ATan
MRM-15500B15X500mm Black Urethane rod1550070 ABlack
MRM-15500R15X500mm Red Urethane rod1550085 ARed
MRM-15500Y15X500mm Yellow Urethane rod1550090 AYellow
MRM-2050020X500mm Tan Urethane rod2050095 ATan
MRM-20500B20X500mm Black Urethane rod2050070 ABlack
MRM-20500R20X500mm Red Urethane rod2050085 ARed
MRM-20500Y20X500mm Yellow Urethane rod2050090 AYellow
MRM-25100025X1000mm Tan Urethane rod25100095 ATan
MRM-251000B25X1000mm Black Urethane rod25100070 ABlack
MRM-251000R25X1000mm Red Urethane rod25100085 ARed
MRM-251000Y25X1000mm Yellow Urethane rod25100090 AYellow
MRM-2550025X500mm Tan Urethane rod2550095 ATan
MRM-25500B25X500mm Black Urethane rod2550070 ABlack
MRM-25500R25X500mm Red Urethane rod2550085 ARed
MRM-25500Y25X500mm Yellow Urethane rod2550090 AYellow
MRM-30100030X1000mm Tan Urethane rod30100095 ATan
MRM-301000B30X1000mm Black Urethane rod30100070 ABlack
MRM-301000R30X1000mm Red Urethane rod30100085 ARed
MRM-301000Y30X1000mm Yellow Urethane rod30100090 AYellow
MRM-3050030X500mm Tan Urethane rod3050095 ATan
MRM-30500B30X500mm Black Urethane rod3050070 ABlack
MRM-30500R30X500mm Red Urethane rod3050085 ARed
MRM-30500Y30X500mm Yellow Urethane rod3050090 AYellow
MRM-40100040X1000mm Tan Urethane rod40100095 ATan
MRM-401000B40X1000mm Black Urethane rod40100070 ABlack
MRM-401000R40X1000mm Red Urethane rod40100085 ARed
MRM-401000Y40X1000mm Yellow Urethane rod40100090 AYellow
MRM-4050040X500mm Tan Urethane rod4050095 ATan
MRM-40500B40X500mm Black Urethane rod4050070 ABlack
MRM-40500R40X500mm Red Urethane rod4050085 ARed
MRM-40500Y40X500mm Yellow Urethane rod4050090 AYellow
MRM-50100050X1000mm Tan Urethane rod50100095 ATan
MRM-501000B50X1000mm Black Urethane rod50100070 ABlack
MRM-501000R50X1000mm Red Urethane rod50100085 ARed
MRM-501000Y50X1000mm Yellow Urethane rod50100090 AYellow
MRM-5050050X500mm Tan Urethane rod5050095 ATan
MRM-50500B50X500mm Black Urethane rod5050070 ABlack
Part No.DescriptionDiameter (mm)Length (mm)DurometerColor
MRM-50500R50X500mm Red Urethane rod5050085 ARed
MRM-50500Y50X500mm Yellow Urethane rod5050090 AYellow
MRM-60100060X1000mm Tan Urethane rod60100095 ATan
MRM-601000B60X1000mm Black Urethane rod60100070 ABlack
MRM-601000R60X1000mm Red Urethane rod60100085 ARed
MRM-601000Y60X1000mm Yellow Urethane rod60100090 AYellow
MRM-6050060X500mm Tan Urethane rod6050095 ATan
MRM-60500B60X500mm Black Urethane rod6050070 ABlack
MRM-60500R60X500mm Red Urethane rod6050085 ARed
MRM-60500Y60X500mm Yellow Urethane rod6050090 AYellow
MRM-70100070X1000mm Tan Urethane rod70100095 ATan
MRM-701000B70X1000mm Black Urethane rod70100070 ABlack
MRM-701000R70X1000mm Red Urethane rod70100085 ARed
MRM-701000Y70X1000mm Yellow Urethane rod70100090 AYellow
MRM-7050070X500mm Tan Urethane rod7050095 ATan
MRM-70500B70X500mm Black Urethane rod7050070 ABlack
MRM-70500R70X500mm Red Urethane rod7050085 ARed
MRM-70500Y70X500mm Yellow Urethane rod7050090 AYellow
MRM-80100080X1000mm Tan Urethane rod80100095 ATan
MRM-801000B80X1000mm Black Urethane rod80100070 ABlack
MRM-801000R80X1000mm Red Urethane rod80100085 ARed
MRM-801000Y80X1000mm Yellow Urethane rod80100090 AYellow
MRM-8050080X500mm Tan Urethane rod8050095 ATan
MRM-80500B80X500mm Black Urethane rod8050070 ABlack
MRM-80500R80X500mm Red Urethane rod8050085 ARed
MRM-80500Y80X500mm Yellow Urethane rod8050090 AYellow
MRM-85008X500mm Tan Urethane rod850095 ATan
MRM-8500B8X500mm Black Urethane rod850070 ABlack
MRM-8500R8X500mm Red Urethane rod850085 ARed
MRM-8500Y8X500mm Yellow Urethane rod850090 AYellow


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