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Formathane Bars
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)Width (inch)Height (inch)DurometerColor
MB-005005-121/2in X1/2in Tan Urethane Bar121/21/295 ATan
MB-005005-12B1/2in X1/2in Black Urethane Bar121/21/270 ABlack
MB-005005-12R1/2in X1/2in Red Urethane Bar121/21/285 ARed
MB-005005-12Y1/2in X1/2in Yellow Urethane Bar121/21/290 AYellow
MB-005005-21/2in X1/2in Tan Urethane Bar21/21/295 ATan
MB-005005-241/2in X1/2in Tan Urethane Bar241/21/295 ATan
MB-005005-24B1/2in X1/2in Black Urethane Bar241/21/270 ABlack
MB-005005-24R1/2in X1/2in Red Urethane Bar241/21/285 ARed
MB-005005-24Y1/2in X1/2in Yellow Urethane Bar241/21/290 AYellow
MB-005005-2B1/2in X1/2in Black Urethane Bar21/21/270 ABlack
MB-005005-2R1/2in X1/2in Red Urethane Bar21/21/285 ARed
MB-005005-2Y1/2in X1/2in Yellow Urethane Bar21/21/290 AYellow
MB-005005-361/2in X1/2in Tan Urethane Bar361/21/295 ATan
MB-005005-36B1/2in X1/2in Black Urethane Bar361/21/270 ABlack
MB-005005-36R1/2in X1/2in Red Urethane Bar361/21/285 ARed
MB-005005-36Y1/2in X1/2in Yellow Urethane Bar361/21/290 AYellow
MB-005005-481/2in X1/2in Tan Urethane Bar481/21/295 ATan
MB-005005-48B1/2in X1/2in Black Urethane Bar481/21/270 ABlack
MB-005005-48R1/2in X1/2in Red Urethane Bar481/21/285 ARed
MB-005005-48Y1/2in X1/2in Yellow Urethane Bar481/21/290 AYellow
MB-075075-123/4in X3/4in Tan Urethane Bar123/43/495 ATan
MB-075075-12B3/4in X3/4in Black Urethane Bar123/43/470 ABlack
MB-075075-12R3/4in X3/4in Red Urethane Bar123/43/485 ARed
MB-075075-12Y3/4in X3/4in Yellow Urethane Bar123/43/490 AYellow
MB-075075-23/4in X3/4in Tan Urethane Bar23/43/495 ATan
MB-075075-243/4in X3/4in Tan Urethane Bar243/43/495 ATan
MB-075075-24B3/4in X3/4in Black Urethane Bar243/43/470 ABlack
MB-075075-24R3/4in X3/4in Red Urethane Bar243/43/485 ARed
MB-075075-24Y3/4in X3/4in Yellow Urethane Bar243/43/490 AYellow
MB-075075-2B3/4in X3/4in Black Urethane Bar23/43/470 ABlack
MB-075075-2R3/4in X3/4in Red Urethane Bar23/43/485 ARed
MB-075075-2Y3/4in X3/4in Yellow Urethane Bar23/43/490 AYellow
MB-075075-363/4in X3/4in Tan Urethane Bar363/43/495 ATan
MB-075075-36B3/4in X3/4in Black Urethane Bar363/43/470 ABlack
MB-075075-36R3/4in X3/4in Red Urethane Bar363/43/485 ARed
MB-075075-36Y3/4in X3/4in Yellow Urethane Bar363/43/490 AYellow
MB-075075-483/4in X3/4in Tan Urethane Bar483/43/495 ATan
MB-075075-48B3/4in X3/4in Black Urethane Bar483/43/470 ABlack
MB-075075-48R3/4in X3/4in Red Urethane Bar483/43/485 ARed
MB-075075-48Y3/4in X3/4in Yellow Urethane Bar483/43/490 AYellow
MB-100100-121in X1in Tan Urethane Bar121195 ATan
MB-100100-12B1in X1in Black Urethane Bar121170 ABlack
MB-100100-12R1in X1in Red Urethane Bar121185 ARed
MB-100100-12Y1in X1in Yellow Urethane Bar121190 AYellow
MB-100100-21in X1in Tan Urethane Bar21195 ATan
MB-100100-241in X1in Tan Urethane Bar241195 ATan
MB-100100-24B1in X1in Black Urethane Bar241170 ABlack
MB-100100-24R1in X1in Red Urethane Bar241185 ARed
MB-100100-24Y1in X1in Yellow Urethane Bar241190 AYellow
MB-100100-2B1in X1in Black Urethane Bar21170 ABlack
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)Width (inch)Height (inch)DurometerColor
MB-100100-2R1in X1in Red Urethane Bar21185 ARed
MB-100100-2Y1in X1in Yellow Urethane Bar21190 AYellow
MB-100100-361in X1in Tan Urethane Bar361195 ATan
MB-100100-36B1in X1in Black Urethane Bar361170 ABlack
MB-100100-36R1in X1in Red Urethane Bar361185 ARed
MB-100100-36Y1in X1in Yellow Urethane Bar361190 AYellow
MB-100100-481in X1in Tan Urethane Bar481195 ATan
MB-100100-48B1in X1in Black Urethane Bar481170 ABlack
MB-100100-48R1in X1in Red Urethane Bar481185 ARed
MB-100100-48Y1in X1in Yellow Urethane Bar481190 AYellow
MB-125125-121-1/4in X1-1/4in Tan Urethane Bar121 1/41 1/495 ATan
MB-125125-12B1-1/4in X1-1/4in Black Urethane Bar121 1/41 1/470 ABlack
MB-125125-12R1-1/4in X1-1/4in Red Urethane Bar121 1/41 1/485 ARed
MB-125125-12Y1-1/4in X1-1/4in Yellow Urethane Bar121 1/41 1/490 AYellow
MB-125125-21-1/4in X1-1/4in Tan Urethane Bar21 1/41 1/495 ATan
MB-125125-241-1/4in X1-1/4in Tan Urethane Bar241 1/41 1/495 ATan
MB-125125-24B1-1/4in X1-1/4in Black Urethane Bar241 1/41 1/470 ABlack
MB-125125-24R1-1/4in X1-1/4in Red Urethane Bar241 1/41 1/485 ARed
MB-125125-24Y1-1/4in X1-1/4in Yellow Urethane Bar241 1/41 1/490 AYellow
MB-125125-2B1-1/4in X1-1/4in Black Urethane Bar21 1/41 1/470 ABlack
MB-125125-2R1-1/4in X1-1/4in Red Urethane Bar21 1/41 1/485 ARed
MB-125125-2Y1-1/4in X1-1/4in Yellow Urethane Bar21 1/41 1/490 AYellow
MB-125125-361-1/4in X1-1/4in Tan Urethane Bar361 1/41 1/495 ATan
MB-125125-36B1-1/4in X1-1/4in Black Urethane Bar361 1/41 1/470 ABlack
MB-125125-36R1-1/4in X1-1/4in Red Urethane Bar361 1/41 1/485 ARed
MB-125125-36Y1-1/4in X1-1/4in Yellow Urethane Bar361 1/41 1/490 AYellow
MB-125125-481-1/4in X1-1/4in Tan Urethane Bar481 1/41 1/495 ATan
MB-125125-48B1-1/4in X1-1/4in Black Urethane Bar481 1/41 1/470 ABlack
MB-125125-48R1-1/4in X1-1/4in Red Urethane Bar481 1/41 1/485 ARed
MB-125125-48Y1-1/4in X1-1/4in Yellow Urethane Bar481 1/41 1/490 AYellow
MB-150150-121-1/2in X1-1/2in Tan Urethane Bar121 1/21 1/295 ATan
MB-150150-12B1-1/2in X1-1/2in Black Urethane Bar121 1/21 1/270 ABlack
MB-150150-12R1-1/2in X1-1/2in Red Urethane Bar121 1/21 1/285 ARed
MB-150150-12Y1-1/2in X1-1/2in Yellow Urethane Bar121 1/21 1/290 AYellow
MB-150150-21-1/2in X1-1/2in Tan Urethane Bar21 1/21 1/295 ATan
MB-150150-241-1/2in X1-1/2in Tan Urethane Bar241 1/21 1/295 ATan
MB-150150-24B1-1/2in X1-1/2in Black Urethane Bar241 1/21 1/270 ABlack
MB-150150-24R1-1/2in X1-1/2in Red Urethane Bar241 1/21 1/285 ARed
MB-150150-24Y1-1/2in X1-1/2in Yellow Urethane Bar241 1/21 1/290 AYellow
MB-150150-2B1-1/2in X1-1/2in Black Urethane Bar21 1/21 1/270 ABlack
MB-150150-2R1-1/2in X1-1/2in Red Urethane Bar21 1/21 1/285 ARed
MB-150150-2Y1-1/2in X1-1/2in Yellow Urethane Bar21 1/21 1/290 AYellow
MB-150150-361-1/2in X1-1/2in Tan Urethane Bar361 1/21 1/295 ATan
MB-150150-36B1-1/2in X1-1/2in Black Urethane Bar361 1/21 1/270 ABlack
MB-150150-36R1-1/2in X1-1/2in Red Urethane Bar361 1/21 1/285 ARed
MB-150150-36Y1-1/2in X1-1/2in Yellow Urethane Bar361 1/21 1/290 AYellow
MB-150150-481-1/2in X1-1/2in Tan Urethane Bar481 1/21 1/295 ATan
MB-150150-48B1-1/2in X1-1/2in Black Urethane Bar481 1/21 1/270 ABlack
MB-150150-48R1-1/2in X1-1/2in Red Urethane Bar481 1/21 1/285 ARed
MB-150150-48Y1-1/2in X1-1/2in Yellow Urethane Bar481 1/21 1/290 AYellow
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)Width (inch)Height (inch)DurometerColor
MB-200200-122in X2in Tan Urethane Bar122295 ATan
MB-200200-12B2in X2in Black Urethane Bar122270 ABlack
MB-200200-12R2in X2in Red Urethane Bar122285 ARed
MB-200200-12Y2in X2in Yellow Urethane Bar122290 AYellow
MB-200200-22in X2in Tan Urethane Bar22295 ATan
MB-200200-242in X2in Tan Urethane Bar242295 ATan
MB-200200-24B2in X2in Black Urethane Bar242270 ABlack
MB-200200-24R2in X2in Red Urethane Bar242285 ARed
MB-200200-24Y2in X2in Yellow Urethane Bar242290 AYellow
MB-200200-2B2in X2in Black Urethane Bar22270 ABlack
MB-200200-2R2in X2in Red Urethane Bar22285 ARed
MB-200200-2Y2in X2in Yellow Urethane Bar22290 AYellow
MB-200200-362in X2in Tan Urethane Bar362295 ATan
MB-200200-36B2in X2in Black Urethane Bar362270 ABlack
MB-200200-36R2in X2in Red Urethane Bar362285 ARed
MB-200200-36Y2in X2in Yellow Urethane Bar362290 AYellow
MB-200200-482in X2in Tan Urethane Bar482295 ATan
MB-200200-48B2in X2in Black Urethane Bar482270 ABlack
MB-200200-48R2in X2in Red Urethane Bar482285 ARed
MB-200200-48Y2in X2in Yellow Urethane Bar482290 AYellow
MB-200300-122in X3in Tan Urethane Bar122395 ATan
MB-200300-12B2in X3in Black Urethane Bar122370 ABlack
MB-200300-12R2in X3in Red Urethane Bar122385 ARed
MB-200300-12Y2in X3in Yellow Urethane Bar122390 AYellow
MB-200300-22in X3in Tan Urethane Bar22395 ATan
MB-200300-242in X3in Tan Urethane Bar242395 ATan
MB-200300-24B2in X3in Black Urethane Bar242370 ABlack
MB-200300-24R2in X3in Red Urethane Bar242385 ARed
MB-200300-24Y2in X3in Yellow Urethane Bar242390 AYellow
MB-200300-2B2in X3in Black Urethane Bar22370 ABlack
MB-200300-2R2in X3in Red Urethane Bar22385 ARed
MB-200300-2Y2in X3in Yellow Urethane Bar22390 AYellow
MB-200300-362in X3in Tan Urethane Bar362395 ATan
MB-200300-36B2in X3in Black Urethane Bar362370 ABlack
MB-200300-36R2in X3in Red Urethane Bar362385 ARed
MB-200300-36Y2in X3in Yellow Urethane Bar362390 AYellow
MB-200300-482in X3in Tan Urethane Bar482395 ATan
MB-200300-48B2in X3in Black Urethane Bar482370 ABlack
MB-200300-48R2in X3in Red Urethane Bar482385 ARed
MB-200300-48Y2in X3in Yellow Urethane Bar482390 AYellow
MB-300300-123in X3in Tan Urethane Bar123395 ATan
MB-300300-12B3in X3in Black Urethane Bar123370 ABlack
MB-300300-12R3in X3in Red Urethane Bar123385 ARed
MB-300300-12Y3in X3in Yellow Urethane Bar123390 AYellow
MB-300300-23in X3in Tan Urethane Bar23395 ATan
MB-300300-243in X3in Tan Urethane Bar243395 ATan
MB-300300-24B3in X3in Black Urethane Bar243370 ABlack
MB-300300-24R3in X3in Red Urethane Bar243385 ARed
MB-300300-24Y3in X3in Yellow Urethane Bar243390 AYellow
MB-300300-2B3in X3in Black Urethane Bar23370 ABlack
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)Width (inch)Height (inch)DurometerColor
MB-300300-2R3in X3in Red Urethane Bar23385 ARed
MB-300300-2Y3in X3in Yellow Urethane Bar23390 AYellow
MB-300300-363in X3in Tan Urethane Bar363395 ATan
MB-300300-36B3in X3in Black Urethane Bar363370 ABlack
MB-300300-36R3in X3in Red Urethane Bar363385 ARed
MB-300300-36Y3in X3in Yellow Urethane Bar363390 AYellow
MB-300300-483in X3in Tan Urethane Bar483395 ATan
MB-300300-48B3in X3in Black Urethane Bar483370 ABlack
MB-300300-48R3in X3in Red Urethane Bar483385 ARed
MB-300300-48Y3in X3in Yellow Urethane Bar483390 AYellow
MB-400400-124in X4in Tan Urethane Bar124495 ATan
MB-400400-12B4in X4in Black Urethane Bar124470 ABlack
MB-400400-12R4in X4in Red Urethane Bar124485 ARed
MB-400400-12Y4in X4in Yellow Urethane Bar124490 AYellow
MB-400400-24in X4in Tan Urethane Bar24495 ATan
MB-400400-244in X4in Tan Urethane Bar244495 ATan
MB-400400-24B4in X4in Black Urethane Bar244470 ABlack
MB-400400-24R4in X4in Red Urethane Bar244485 ARed
MB-400400-24Y4in X4in Yellow Urethane Bar244490 AYellow
MB-400400-2B4in X4in Black Urethane Bar24470 ABlack
MB-400400-2R4in X4in Red Urethane Bar24485 ARed
MB-400400-2Y4in X4in Yellow Urethane Bar24490 AYellow
MB-400400-364in X4in Tan Urethane Bar364495 ATan
MB-400400-36B4in X4in Black Urethane Bar364470 ABlack
MB-400400-36R4in X4in Red Urethane Bar364485 ARed
MB-400400-36Y4in X4in Yellow Urethane Bar364490 AYellow
MB-400400-484in X4in Tan Urethane Bar484495 ATan
MB-400400-48B4in X4in Black Urethane Bar484470 ABlack
MB-400400-48R4in X4in Red Urethane Bar484485 ARed
MB-400400-48Y4in X4in Yellow Urethane Bar484490 AYellow
MB-500500-125in X5in Tan Urethane Bar125595 ATan
MB-500500-12B5in X5in Black Urethane Bar125570 ABlack
MB-500500-12R5in X5in Red Urethane Bar125585 ARed
MB-500500-12Y5in X5in Yellow Urethane Bar125590 AYellow
MB-500500-25in X5in Tan Urethane Bar25595 ATan
MB-500500-245in X5in Tan Urethane Bar245595 ATan
MB-500500-24B5in X5in Black Urethane Bar245570 ABlack
MB-500500-24R5in X5in Red Urethane Bar245585 ARed
MB-500500-24Y5in X5in Yellow Urethane Bar245590 AYellow
MB-500500-2B5in X5in Black Urethane Bar25570 ABlack
MB-500500-2R5in X5in Red Urethane Bar25585 ARed
MB-500500-2Y5in X5in Yellow Urethane Bar25590 AYellow
MB-500500-365in X5in Tan Urethane Bar365595 ATan
MB-500500-36B5in X5in Black Urethane Bar365570 ABlack
MB-500500-36R5in X5in Red Urethane Bar365585 ARed
MB-500500-36Y5in X5in Yellow Urethane Bar365590 AYellow
MB-500500-485in X5in Tan Urethane Bar485595 ATan
MB-500500-48B5in X5in Black Urethane Bar485570 ABlack
MB-500500-48R5in X5in Red Urethane Bar485585 ARed
MB-500500-48Y5in X5in Yellow Urethane Bar485590 AYellow
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)Width (inch)Height (inch)DurometerColor
MB-600600-126in X6in Tan Urethane Bar126695 ATan
MB-600600-12B6in X6in Black Urethane Bar126670 ABlack
MB-600600-12R6in X6in Red Urethane Bar126685 ARed
MB-600600-12Y6in X6in Yellow Urethane Bar126690 AYellow
MB-600600-26in X6in Tan Urethane Bar26695 ATan
MB-600600-246in X6in Tan Urethane Bar246695 ATan
MB-600600-24B6in X6in Black Urethane Bar246670 ABlack
MB-600600-24R6in X6in Red Urethane Bar246685 ARed
MB-600600-24Y6in X6in Yellow Urethane Bar246690 AYellow
MB-600600-2B6in X6in Black Urethane Bar26670 ABlack
MB-600600-2R6in X6in Red Urethane Bar26685 ARed
MB-600600-2Y6in X6in Yellow Urethane Bar26690 AYellow
MB-600600-366in X6in Tan Urethane Bar366695 ATan
MB-600600-36B6in X6in Black Urethane Bar366670 ABlack
MB-600600-36R6in X6in Red Urethane Bar366685 ARed
MB-600600-36Y6in X6in Yellow Urethane Bar366690 AYellow
MB-600600-486in X6in Tan Urethane Bar486695 ATan
MB-600600-48B6in X6in Black Urethane Bar486670 ABlack
MB-600600-48R6in X6in Red Urethane Bar486685 ARed
MB-600600-48Y6in X6in Yellow Urethane Bar486690 AYellow


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