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3/8in to 3/4in Thick Formathane Sheets
Part No.DescriptionThickness (inch)Width (inch)Length (inch)DurometerColor
MS-0148-0381X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/814895 ATan
MS-0148-038B1X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/814870 ABlack
MS-0148-038R1X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/814885 ARed
MS-0148-038Y1X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/814890 AYellow
MS-0148-0501X48 Tan Urethane Sheet1/214895 ATan
MS-0148-050B1X48 Black Urethane Sheet1/214870 ABlack
MS-0148-050R1X48 Red Urethane Sheet1/214885 ARed
MS-0148-050Y1X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/214890 AYellow
MS-0148-0631X48 Tan Urethane Sheet5/814895 ATan
MS-0148-063B1X48 Black Urethane Sheet5/814870 ABlack
MS-0148-063R1X48 Red Urethane Sheet5/814885 ARed
MS-0148-063Y1X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/814890 AYellow
MS-0148-0751X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/414895 ATan
MS-0148-075B1X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/414870 ABlack
MS-0148-075R1X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/414885 ARed
MS-0148-075Y1X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/414890 AYellow
MS-0248-0382X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/824895 ATan
MS-0248-038B2X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/824870 ABlack
MS-0248-038R2X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/824885 ARed
MS-0248-038Y2X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/824890 AYellow
MS-0248-0502X48 Tan Urethane Sheet1/224895 ATan
MS-0248-050B2X48 Black Urethane Sheet1/224870 ABlack
MS-0248-050R2X48 Red Urethane Sheet1/224885 ARed
MS-0248-050Y2X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/224890 AYellow
MS-0248-0632X48 Tan Urethane Sheet5/824895 ATan
MS-0248-063B2X48 Black Urethane Sheet5/824870 ABlack
MS-0248-063R2X48 Red Urethane Sheet5/824885 ARed
MS-0248-063Y2X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/824890 AYellow
MS-0248-0752X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/424895 ATan
MS-0248-075B2X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/424870 ABlack
MS-0248-075R2X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/424885 ARed
MS-0248-075Y2X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/424890 AYellow
MS-0348-0383X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/834895 ATan
MS-0348-038B3X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/834870 ABlack
MS-0348-038R3X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/834885 ARed
MS-0348-038Y3X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/834890 AYellow
MS-0348-0503X48 Tan Urethane Sheet1/234895 ATan
MS-0348-050B3X48 Black Urethane Sheet1/234870 ABlack
MS-0348-050R3X48 Red Urethane Sheet1/234885 ARed
MS-0348-050Y3X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/234890 AYellow
MS-0348-0633X48 Tan Urethane Sheet5/834895 ATan
MS-0348-063B3X48 Black Urethane Sheet5/834870 ABlack
MS-0348-063R3X48 Red Urethane Sheet5/834885 ARed
MS-0348-063Y3X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/834890 AYellow
MS-0348-0753X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/434895 ATan
MS-0348-075B3X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/434870 ABlack
MS-0348-075R3X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/434885 ARed
MS-0348-075Y3X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/434890 AYellow
MS-0448-0384X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/844895 ATan
MS-0448-038B4X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/844870 ABlack
Part No.DescriptionThickness (inch)Width (inch)Length (inch)DurometerColor
MS-0448-038R4X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/844885 ARed
MS-0448-038Y4X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/844890 AYellow
MS-0448-0504X48 Tan Urethane Sheet1/244895 ATan
MS-0448-050B4X48 Black Urethane Sheet1/244870 ABlack
MS-0448-050R4X48 Red Urethane Sheet1/244885 ARed
MS-0448-050Y4X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/244890 AYellow
MS-0448-0634X48 Tan Urethane Sheet5/844895 ATan
MS-0448-063B4X48 Black Urethane Sheet5/844870 ABlack
MS-0448-063R4X48 Red Urethane Sheet5/844885 ARed
MS-0448-063Y4X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/844890 AYellow
MS-0448-0754X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/444895 ATan
MS-0448-075B4X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/444870 ABlack
MS-0448-075R4X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/444885 ARed
MS-0448-075Y4X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/444890 AYellow
MS-0606-0386X6 Tan Urethane Sheet3/86695 ATan
MS-0606-038B6X6 Black Urethane Sheet3/86670 ABlack
MS-0606-038R6X6 Red Urethane Sheet3/86685 ARed
MS-0606-038Y6X6 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/86690 AYellow
MS-0606-0506X6 Tan Urethane Sheet1/26695 ATan
MS-0606-050B6X6 Black Urethane Sheet1/26670 ABlack
MS-0606-050R6X6 Red Urethane Sheet1/26685 ARed
MS-0606-050Y6X6 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/26690 AYellow
MS-0606-0636X6 Tan Urethane Sheet5/86695 ATan
MS-0606-063B6X6 Black Urethane Sheet5/86670 ABlack
MS-0606-063R6X6 Red Urethane Sheet5/86685 ARed
MS-0606-063Y6X6 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/86690 AYellow
MS-0606-0756X6 Tan Urethane Sheet3/46695 ATan
MS-0606-075B6X6 Black Urethane Sheet3/46670 ABlack
MS-0606-075R6X6 Red Urethane Sheet3/46685 ARed
MS-0606-075Y6X6 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/46690 AYellow
MS-0612-0386X12 Tan Urethane Sheet3/861295 ATan
MS-0612-038B6X12 Black Urethane Sheet3/861270 ABlack
MS-0612-038R6X12 Red Urethane Sheet3/861285 ARed
MS-0612-038Y6X12 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/861290 AYellow
MS-0612-0506X12 Tan Urethane Sheet1/261295 ATan
MS-0612-050B6X12 Black Urethane Sheet1/261270 ABlack
MS-0612-050R6X12 Red Urethane Sheet1/261285 ARed
MS-0612-050Y6X12 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/261290 AYellow
MS-0612-0636X12 Tan Urethane Sheet5/861295 ATan
MS-0612-063B6X12 Black Urethane Sheet5/861270 ABlack
MS-0612-063R6X12 Red Urethane Sheet5/861285 ARed
MS-0612-063Y6X12 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/861290 AYellow
MS-0612-0756X12 Tan Urethane Sheet3/461295 ATan
MS-0612-075B6X12 Black Urethane Sheet3/461270 ABlack
MS-0612-075R6X12 Red Urethane Sheet3/461285 ARed
MS-0612-075Y6X12 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/461290 AYellow
MS-0618-0386X18 Tan Urethane Sheet3/861895 ATan
MS-0618-038B6X18 Black Urethane Sheet3/861870 ABlack
MS-0618-038R6X18 Red Urethane Sheet3/861885 ARed
MS-0618-038Y6X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/861890 AYellow
Part No.DescriptionThickness (inch)Width (inch)Length (inch)DurometerColor
MS-0618-0506X18 Tan Urethane Sheet1/261895 ATan
MS-0618-050B6X18 Black Urethane Sheet1/261870 ABlack
MS-0618-050R6X18 Red Urethane Sheet1/261885 ARed
MS-0618-050Y6X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/261890 AYellow
MS-0618-0636X18 Tan Urethane Sheet5/861895 ATan
MS-0618-063B6X18 Black Urethane Sheet5/861870 ABlack
MS-0618-063R6X18 Red Urethane Sheet5/861885 ARed
MS-0618-063Y6X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/861890 AYellow
MS-0618-0756X18 Tan Urethane Sheet3/461895 ATan
MS-0618-075B6X18 Black Urethane Sheet3/461870 ABlack
MS-0618-075R6X18 Red Urethane Sheet3/461885 ARed
MS-0618-075Y6X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/461890 AYellow
MS-0624-0386X24 Tan Urethane Sheet3/862495 ATan
MS-0624-038B6X24 Black Urethane Sheet3/862470 ABlack
MS-0624-038R6X24 Red Urethane Sheet3/862485 ARed
MS-0624-038Y6X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/862490 AYellow
MS-0624-0506X24 Tan Urethane Sheet1/262495 ATan
MS-0624-050B6X24 Black Urethane Sheet1/262470 ABlack
MS-0624-050R6X24 Red Urethane Sheet1/262485 ARed
MS-0624-050Y6X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/262490 AYellow
MS-0624-0636X24 Tan Urethane Sheet5/862495 ATan
MS-0624-063B6X24 Black Urethane Sheet5/862470 ABlack
MS-0624-063R6X24 Red Urethane Sheet5/862485 ARed
MS-0624-063Y6X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/862490 AYellow
MS-0624-0756X24 Tan Urethane Sheet3/462495 ATan
MS-0624-075B6X24 Black Urethane Sheet3/462470 ABlack
MS-0624-075R6X24 Red Urethane Sheet3/462485 ARed
MS-0624-075Y6X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/462490 AYellow
MS-0636-0386X36 Tan Urethane Sheet3/863695 ATan
MS-0636-038B6X36 Black Urethane Sheet3/863670 ABlack
MS-0636-038R6X36 Red Urethane Sheet3/863685 ARed
MS-0636-038Y6X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/863690 AYellow
MS-0636-0506X36 Tan Urethane Sheet1/263695 ATan
MS-0636-050B6X36 Black Urethane Sheet1/263670 ABlack
MS-0636-050R6X36 Red Urethane Sheet1/263685 ARed
MS-0636-050Y6X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/263690 AYellow
MS-0636-0636X36 Tan Urethane Sheet5/863695 ATan
MS-0636-063B6X36 Black Urethane Sheet5/863670 ABlack
MS-0636-063R6X36 Red Urethane Sheet5/863685 ARed
MS-0636-063Y6X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/863690 AYellow
MS-0636-0756X36 Tan Urethane Sheet3/463695 ATan
MS-0636-075B6X36 Black Urethane Sheet3/463670 ABlack
MS-0636-075R6X36 Red Urethane Sheet3/463685 ARed
MS-0636-075Y6X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/463690 AYellow
MS-0648-0386X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/864895 ATan
MS-0648-038B6X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/864870 ABlack
MS-0648-038R6X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/864885 ARed
MS-0648-038Y6X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/864890 AYellow
MS-0648-0506X48 Tan Urethane Sheet1/264895 ATan
MS-0648-050B6X48 Black Urethane Sheet1/264870 ABlack
Part No.DescriptionThickness (inch)Width (inch)Length (inch)DurometerColor
MS-0648-050R6X48 Red Urethane Sheet1/264885 ARed
MS-0648-050Y6X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/264890 AYellow
MS-0648-0636X48 Tan Urethane Sheet5/864895 ATan
MS-0648-063B6X48 Black Urethane Sheet5/864870 ABlack
MS-0648-063R6X48 Red Urethane Sheet5/864885 ARed
MS-0648-063Y6X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/864890 AYellow
MS-0648-0756X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/464895 ATan
MS-0648-075B6X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/464870 ABlack
MS-0648-075R6X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/464885 ARed
MS-0648-075Y6X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/464890 AYellow
MS-1212-03812X12 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8121295 ATan
MS-1212-038B12X12 Black Urethane Sheet3/8121270 ABlack
MS-1212-038R12X12 Red Urethane Sheet3/8121285 ARed
MS-1212-038Y12X12 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8121290 AYellow
MS-1212-05012X12 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2121295 ATan
MS-1212-050B12X12 Black Urethane Sheet1/2121270 ABlack
MS-1212-050R12X12 Red Urethane Sheet1/2121285 ARed
MS-1212-050Y12X12 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2121290 AYellow
MS-1212-06312X12 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8121295 ATan
MS-1212-063B12X12 Black Urethane Sheet5/8121270 ABlack
MS-1212-063R12X12 Red Urethane Sheet5/8121285 ARed
MS-1212-063Y12X12 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8121290 AYellow
MS-1212-07512X12 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4121295 ATan
MS-1212-075B12X12 Black Urethane Sheet3/4121270 ABlack
MS-1212-075R12X12 Red Urethane Sheet3/4121285 ARed
MS-1212-075Y12X12 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4121290 AYellow
MS-1218-03812X18 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8121895 ATan
MS-1218-038B12X18 Black Urethane Sheet3/8121870 ABlack
MS-1218-038R12X18 Red Urethane Sheet3/8121885 ARed
MS-1218-038Y12X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8121890 AYellow
MS-1218-05012X18 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2121895 ATan
MS-1218-050B12X18 Black Urethane Sheet1/2121870 ABlack
MS-1218-050R12X18 Red Urethane Sheet1/2121885 ARed
MS-1218-050Y12X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2121890 AYellow
MS-1218-06312X18 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8121895 ATan
MS-1218-063B12X18 Black Urethane Sheet5/8121870 ABlack
MS-1218-063R12X18 Red Urethane Sheet5/8121885 ARed
MS-1218-063Y12X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8121890 AYellow
MS-1218-07512X18 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4121895 ATan
MS-1218-075B12X18 Black Urethane Sheet3/4121870 ABlack
MS-1218-075R12X18 Red Urethane Sheet3/4121885 ARed
MS-1218-075Y12X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4121890 AYellow
MS-1224-03812X24 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8122495 ATan
MS-1224-038B12X24 Black Urethane Sheet3/8122470 ABlack
MS-1224-038R12X24 Red Urethane Sheet3/8122485 ARed
MS-1224-038Y12X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8122490 AYellow
MS-1224-05012X24 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2122495 ATan
MS-1224-050B12X24 Black Urethane Sheet1/2122470 ABlack
MS-1224-050R12X24 Red Urethane Sheet1/2122485 ARed
MS-1224-050Y12X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2122490 AYellow
Part No.DescriptionThickness (inch)Width (inch)Length (inch)DurometerColor
MS-1224-06312X24 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8122495 ATan
MS-1224-063B12X24 Black Urethane Sheet5/8122470 ABlack
MS-1224-063R12X24 Red Urethane Sheet5/8122485 ARed
MS-1224-063Y12X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8122490 AYellow
MS-1224-07512X24 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4122495 ATan
MS-1224-075B12X24 Black Urethane Sheet3/4122470 ABlack
MS-1224-075R12X24 Red Urethane Sheet3/4122485 ARed
MS-1224-075Y12X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4122490 AYellow
MS-1236-03812X36 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8123695 ATan
MS-1236-038B12X36 Black Urethane Sheet3/8123670 ABlack
MS-1236-038R12X36 Red Urethane Sheet3/8123685 ARed
MS-1236-038Y12X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8123690 AYellow
MS-1236-05012X36 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2123695 ATan
MS-1236-050B12X36 Black Urethane Sheet1/2123670 ABlack
MS-1236-050R12X36 Red Urethane Sheet1/2123685 ARed
MS-1236-050Y12X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2123690 AYellow
MS-1236-06312X36 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8123695 ATan
MS-1236-063B12X36 Black Urethane Sheet5/8123670 ABlack
MS-1236-063R12X36 Red Urethane Sheet5/8123685 ARed
MS-1236-063Y12X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8123690 AYellow
MS-1236-07512X36 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4123695 ATan
MS-1236-075B12X36 Black Urethane Sheet3/4123670 ABlack
MS-1236-075R12X36 Red Urethane Sheet3/4123685 ARed
MS-1236-075Y12X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4123690 AYellow
MS-1248-03812X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8124895 ATan
MS-1248-038B12X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/8124870 ABlack
MS-1248-038R12X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/8124885 ARed
MS-1248-038Y12X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8124890 AYellow
MS-1248-05012X48 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2124895 ATan
MS-1248-050B12X48 Black Urethane Sheet1/2124870 ABlack
MS-1248-050R12X48 Red Urethane Sheet1/2124885 ARed
MS-1248-050Y12X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2124890 AYellow
MS-1248-06312X48 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8124895 ATan
MS-1248-063B12X48 Black Urethane Sheet5/8124870 ABlack
MS-1248-063R12X48 Red Urethane Sheet5/8124885 ARed
MS-1248-063Y12X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8124890 AYellow
MS-1248-07512X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4124895 ATan
MS-1248-075B12X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/4124870 ABlack
MS-1248-075R12X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/4124885 ARed
MS-1248-075Y12X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4124890 AYellow
MS-1818-03818X18 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8181895 ATan
MS-1818-038B18X18 Black Urethane Sheet3/8181870 ABlack
MS-1818-038R18X18 Red Urethane Sheet3/8181885 ARed
MS-1818-038Y18X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8181890 AYellow
MS-1818-05018X18 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2181895 ATan
MS-1818-050B18X18 Black Urethane Sheet1/2181870 ABlack
MS-1818-050R18X18 Red Urethane Sheet1/2181885 ARed
MS-1818-050Y18X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2181890 AYellow
MS-1818-06318X18 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8181895 ATan
MS-1818-063B18X18 Black Urethane Sheet5/8181870 ABlack
Part No.DescriptionThickness (inch)Width (inch)Length (inch)DurometerColor
MS-1818-063R18X18 Red Urethane Sheet5/8181885 ARed
MS-1818-063Y18X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8181890 AYellow
MS-1818-07518X18 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4181895 ATan
MS-1818-075B18X18 Black Urethane Sheet3/4181870 ABlack
MS-1818-075R18X18 Red Urethane Sheet3/4181885 ARed
MS-1818-075Y18X18 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4181890 AYellow
MS-1824-03818X24 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8182495 ATan
MS-1824-038B18X24 Black Urethane Sheet3/8182470 ABlack
MS-1824-038R18X24 Red Urethane Sheet3/8182485 ARed
MS-1824-038Y18X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8182490 AYellow
MS-1824-05018X24 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2182495 ATan
MS-1824-050B18X24 Black Urethane Sheet1/2182470 ABlack
MS-1824-050R18X24 Red Urethane Sheet1/2182485 ARed
MS-1824-050Y18X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2182490 AYellow
MS-1824-06318X24 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8182495 ATan
MS-1824-063B18X24 Black Urethane Sheet5/8182470 ABlack
MS-1824-063R18X24 Red Urethane Sheet5/8182485 ARed
MS-1824-063Y18X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8182490 AYellow
MS-1824-07518X24 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4182495 ATan
MS-1824-075B18X24 Black Urethane Sheet3/4182470 ABlack
MS-1824-075R18X24 Red Urethane Sheet3/4182485 ARed
MS-1824-075Y18X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4182490 AYellow
MS-1836-03818X36 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8183695 ATan
MS-1836-038B18X36 Black Urethane Sheet3/8183670 ABlack
MS-1836-038R18X36 Red Urethane Sheet3/8183685 ARed
MS-1836-038Y18X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8183690 AYellow
MS-1836-05018X36 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2183695 ATan
MS-1836-050B18X36 Black Urethane Sheet1/2183670 ABlack
MS-1836-050R18X36 Red Urethane Sheet1/2183685 ARed
MS-1836-050Y18X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2183690 AYellow
MS-1836-06318X36 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8183695 ATan
MS-1836-063B18X36 Black Urethane Sheet5/8183670 ABlack
MS-1836-063R18X36 Red Urethane Sheet5/8183685 ARed
MS-1836-063Y18X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8183690 AYellow
MS-1836-07518X36 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4183695 ATan
MS-1836-075B18X36 Black Urethane Sheet3/4183670 ABlack
MS-1836-075R18X36 Red Urethane Sheet3/4183685 ARed
MS-1836-075Y18X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4183690 AYellow
MS-1848-03818X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8184895 ATan
MS-1848-038B18X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/8184870 ABlack
MS-1848-038R18X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/8184885 ARed
MS-1848-038Y18X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8184890 AYellow
MS-1848-05018X48 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2184895 ATan
MS-1848-050B18X48 Black Urethane Sheet1/2184870 ABlack
MS-1848-050R18X48 Red Urethane Sheet1/2184885 ARed
MS-1848-050Y18X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2184890 AYellow
MS-1848-06318X48 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8184895 ATan
MS-1848-063B18X48 Black Urethane Sheet5/8184870 ABlack
MS-1848-063R18X48 Red Urethane Sheet5/8184885 ARed
MS-1848-063Y18X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8184890 AYellow
Part No.DescriptionThickness (inch)Width (inch)Length (inch)DurometerColor
MS-1848-07518X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4184895 ATan
MS-1848-075B18X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/4184870 ABlack
MS-1848-075R18X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/4184885 ARed
MS-1848-075Y18X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4184890 AYellow
MS-2424-03824X24 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8242495 ATan
MS-2424-038B24X24 Black Urethane Sheet3/8242470 ABlack
MS-2424-038R24X24 Red Urethane Sheet3/8242485 ARed
MS-2424-038Y24X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8242490 AYellow
MS-2424-05024X24 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2242495 ATan
MS-2424-050B24X24 Black Urethane Sheet1/2242470 ABlack
MS-2424-050R24X24 Red Urethane Sheet1/2242485 ARed
MS-2424-050Y24X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2242490 AYellow
MS-2424-06324X24 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8242495 ATan
MS-2424-063B24X24 Black Urethane Sheet5/8242470 ABlack
MS-2424-063R24X24 Red Urethane Sheet5/8242485 ARed
MS-2424-063Y24X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8242490 AYellow
MS-2424-07524X24 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4242495 ATan
MS-2424-075B24X24 Black Urethane Sheet3/4242470 ABlack
MS-2424-075R24X24 Red Urethane Sheet3/4242485 ARed
MS-2424-075Y24X24 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4242490 AYellow
MS-2436-03824X36 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8243695 ATan
MS-2436-038B24X36 Black Urethane Sheet3/8243670 ABlack
MS-2436-038R24X36 Red Urethane Sheet3/8243685 ARed
MS-2436-038Y24X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8243690 AYellow
MS-2436-05024X36 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2243695 ATan
MS-2436-050B24X36 Black Urethane Sheet1/2243670 ABlack
MS-2436-050R24X36 Red Urethane Sheet1/2243685 ARed
MS-2436-050Y24X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2243690 AYellow
MS-2436-06324X36 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8243695 ATan
MS-2436-063B24X36 Black Urethane Sheet5/8243670 ABlack
MS-2436-063R24X36 Red Urethane Sheet5/8243685 ARed
MS-2436-063Y24X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8243690 AYellow
MS-2436-07524X36 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4243695 ATan
MS-2436-075B24X36 Black Urethane Sheet3/4243670 ABlack
MS-2436-075R24X36 Red Urethane Sheet3/4243685 ARed
MS-2436-075Y24X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4243690 AYellow
MS-2448-03824X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8244895 ATan
MS-2448-038B24X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/8244870 ABlack
MS-2448-038R24X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/8244885 ARed
MS-2448-038Y24X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8244890 AYellow
MS-2448-05024X48 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2244895 ATan
MS-2448-050B24X48 Black Urethane Sheet1/2244870 ABlack
MS-2448-050R24X48 Red Urethane Sheet1/2244885 ARed
MS-2448-050Y24X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2244890 AYellow
MS-2448-06324X48 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8244895 ATan
MS-2448-063B24X48 Black Urethane Sheet5/8244870 ABlack
MS-2448-063R24X48 Red Urethane Sheet5/8244885 ARed
MS-2448-063Y24X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8244890 AYellow
MS-2448-07524X48 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4244895 ATan
MS-2448-075B24X48 Black Urethane Sheet3/4244870 ABlack
Part No.DescriptionThickness (inch)Width (inch)Length (inch)DurometerColor
MS-2448-075R24X48 Red Urethane Sheet3/4244885 ARed
MS-2448-075Y24X48 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4244890 AYellow
MS-3636-03836X36 Tan Urethane Sheet3/8363695 ATan
MS-3636-038B36X36 Black Urethane Sheet3/8363670 ABlack
MS-3636-038R36X36 Red Urethane Sheet3/8363685 ARed
MS-3636-038Y36X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/8363690 AYellow
MS-3636-05036X36 Tan Urethane Sheet1/2363695 ATan
MS-3636-050B36X36 Black Urethane Sheet1/2363670 ABlack
MS-3636-050R36X36 Red Urethane Sheet1/2363685 ARed
MS-3636-050Y36X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet1/2363690 AYellow
MS-3636-06336X36 Tan Urethane Sheet5/8363695 ATan
MS-3636-063B36X36 Black Urethane Sheet5/8363670 ABlack
MS-3636-063R36X36 Red Urethane Sheet5/8363685 ARed
MS-3636-063Y36X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet5/8363690 AYellow
MS-3636-07536X36 Tan Urethane Sheet3/4363695 ATan
MS-3636-075B36X36 Black Urethane Sheet3/4363670 ABlack
MS-3636-075R36X36 Red Urethane Sheet3/4363685 ARed
MS-3636-075Y36X36 Yellow Urethane Sheet3/4363690 AYellow


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