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Metric Formathane Springs
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)ID (inch)OD (inch)DurometerColor
MMM-11252511mm Tan Urethane spring25112595 ATan
MMM-112525R11mm Red Urethane spring25112585 ARed
MMM-112525Y11mm Yellow Urethane spring25112590 AYellow
MMM-11253011mm Tan Urethane spring30112595 ATan
MMM-112530R11mm Red Urethane spring30112585 ARed
MMM-112530Y11mm Yellow Urethane spring30112590 AYellow
MMM-11253511mm Tan Urethane spring35112595 ATan
MMM-112535R11mm Red Urethane spring35112585 ARed
MMM-112535Y11mm Yellow Urethane spring35112590 AYellow
MMM-11254011mm Tan Urethane spring40112595 ATan
MMM-112540R11mm Red Urethane spring40112585 ARed
MMM-112540Y11mm Yellow Urethane spring40112590 AYellow
MMM-11254511mm Tan Urethane spring45112595 ATan
MMM-112545R11mm Red Urethane spring45112585 ARed
MMM-112545Y11mm Yellow Urethane spring45112590 AYellow
MMM-112550011mm Tan Urethane spring500112595 ATan
MMM-1125500R11mm Red Urethane spring500112585 ARed
MMM-1125500Y11mm Yellow Urethane spring500112590 AYellow
MMM-14302514mm Tan Urethane spring25143095 ATan
MMM-143025R14mm Red Urethane spring25143085 ARed
MMM-143025Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring25143090 AYellow
MMM-14303014mm Tan Urethane spring30143095 ATan
MMM-143030R14mm Red Urethane spring30143085 ARed
MMM-143030Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring30143090 AYellow
MMM-14303514mm Tan Urethane spring35143095 ATan
MMM-143035R14mm Red Urethane spring35143085 ARed
MMM-143035Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring35143090 AYellow
MMM-14304014mm Tan Urethane spring40143095 ATan
MMM-143040R14mm Red Urethane spring40143085 ARed
MMM-143040Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring40143090 AYellow
MMM-14304514mm Tan Urethane spring45143095 ATan
MMM-143045R14mm Red Urethane spring45143085 ARed
MMM-143045Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring45143090 AYellow
MMM-14305014mm Tan Urethane spring50143095 ATan
MMM-143050014mm Tan Urethane spring500143095 ATan
MMM-1430500R14mm Red Urethane spring500143085 ARed
MMM-1430500Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring500143090 AYellow
MMM-143050R14mm Red Urethane spring50143085 ARed
MMM-143050Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring50143090 AYellow
MMM-14305514mm Tan Urethane spring55143095 ATan
MMM-143055R14mm Red Urethane spring55143085 ARed
MMM-143055Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring55143090 AYellow
MMM-14306014mm Tan Urethane spring60143095 ATan
MMM-143060R14mm Red Urethane spring60143085 ARed
MMM-143060Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring60143090 AYellow
MMM-14404014mm Tan Urethane spring40144095 ATan
MMM-144040R14mm Red Urethane spring40144085 ARed
MMM-144040Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring40144090 AYellow
MMM-14405014mm Tan Urethane spring50144095 ATan
MMM-144050014mm Tan Urethane spring500144095 ATan
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)ID (inch)OD (inch)DurometerColor
MMM-1440500R14mm Red Urethane spring500144085 ARed
MMM-1440500Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring500144090 AYellow
MMM-144050R14mm Red Urethane spring50144085 ARed
MMM-144050Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring50144090 AYellow
MMM-14406014mm Tan Urethane spring60144095 ATan
MMM-144060R14mm Red Urethane spring60144085 ARed
MMM-144060Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring60144090 AYellow
MMM-14505014mm Tan Urethane spring50145095 ATan
MMM-145050014mm Tan Urethane spring500145095 ATan
MMM-1450500R14mm Red Urethane spring500145085 ARed
MMM-1450500Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring500145090 AYellow
MMM-145050R14mm Red Urethane spring50145085 ARed
MMM-145050Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring50145090 AYellow
MMM-14506014mm Tan Urethane spring60145095 ATan
MMM-145060R14mm Red Urethane spring60145085 ARed
MMM-145060Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring60145090 AYellow
MMM-14508014mm Tan Urethane spring80145095 ATan
MMM-145080R14mm Red Urethane spring80145085 ARed
MMM-145080Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring80145090 AYellow
MMM-14605014mm Tan Urethane spring50146095 ATan
MMM-146050014mm Tan Urethane spring500146095 ATan
MMM-1460500R14mm Red Urethane spring500146085 ARed
MMM-1460500Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring500146090 AYellow
MMM-146050R14mm Red Urethane spring50146085 ARed
MMM-146050Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring50146090 AYellow
MMM-14606014mm Tan Urethane spring60146095 ATan
MMM-146060R14mm Red Urethane spring60146085 ARed
MMM-146060Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring60146090 AYellow
MMM-14608014mm Tan Urethane spring80146095 ATan
MMM-146080R14mm Red Urethane spring80146085 ARed
MMM-146080Y14mm Yellow Urethane spring80146090 AYellow
MMM-2210010022mm Tan Urethane spring1002210095 ATan
MMM-22100100R22mm Red Urethane spring1002210085 ARed
MMM-22100100Y22mm Yellow Urethane spring1002210090 AYellow
MMM-2210012022mm Tan Urethane spring1202210095 ATan
MMM-22100120R22mm Red Urethane spring1202210085 ARed
MMM-22100120Y22mm Yellow Urethane spring1202210090 AYellow
MMM-2210050022mm Tan Urethane spring5002210095 ATan
MMM-22100500R22mm Red Urethane spring5002210085 ARed
MMM-22100500Y22mm Yellow Urethane spring5002210090 AYellow
MMM-221008022mm Tan Urethane spring802210095 ATan
MMM-2210080R22mm Red Urethane spring802210085 ARed
MMM-2210080Y22mm Yellow Urethane spring802210090 AYellow
MMM-228010022mm Tan Urethane spring100228095 ATan
MMM-2280100R22mm Red Urethane spring100228085 ARed
MMM-2280100Y22mm Yellow Urethane spring100228090 AYellow
MMM-228050022mm Tan Urethane spring500228095 ATan
MMM-2280500R22mm Red Urethane spring500228085 ARed
MMM-2280500Y22mm Yellow Urethane spring500228090 AYellow
MMM-22806022mm Tan Urethane spring60228095 ATan
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)ID (inch)OD (inch)DurometerColor
MMM-228060R22mm Red Urethane spring60228085 ARed
MMM-228060Y22mm Yellow Urethane spring60228090 AYellow
MMM-22808022mm Tan Urethane spring80228095 ATan
MMM-228080R22mm Red Urethane spring80228085 ARed
MMM-228080Y22mm Yellow Urethane spring80228090 AYellow
MMM-715257mm Tan Urethane spring2571595 ATan
MMM-71525R7mm Red Urethane spring2571585 ARed
MMM-71525Y7mm Yellow Urethane spring2571590 AYellow
MMM-715307mm Tan Urethane spring3071595 ATan
MMM-71530R7mm Red Urethane spring3071585 ARed
MMM-71530Y7mm Yellow Urethane spring3071590 AYellow
MMM-715357mm Tan Urethane spring3571595 ATan
MMM-71535R7mm Red Urethane spring3571585 ARed
MMM-71535Y7mm Yellow Urethane spring3571590 AYellow
MMM-715407mm Tan Urethane spring4071595 ATan
MMM-71540R7mm Red Urethane spring4071585 ARed
MMM-71540Y7mm Yellow Urethane spring4071590 AYellow
MMM-7155007mm Tan Urethane spring50071595 ATan
MMM-715500R7mm Red Urethane spring50071585 ARed
MMM-715500Y7mm Yellow Urethane spring50071590 AYellow
MMM-820258.5mm Tan Urethane spring258.52095 ATan
MMM-82025R8.5mm Red Urethane spring258.52085 ARed
MMM-82025Y8.5mm Yellow Urethane spring258.52090 AYellow
MMM-820308.5mm Tan Urethane spring308.52095 ATan
MMM-82030R8.5mm Red Urethane spring308.52085 ARed
MMM-82030Y8.5mm Yellow Urethane spring308.52090 AYellow
MMM-820358.5mm Tan Urethane spring358.52095 ATan
MMM-82035R8.5mm Red Urethane spring358.52085 ARed
MMM-82035Y8.5mm Yellow Urethane spring358.52090 AYellow
MMM-820408.5mm Tan Urethane spring408.52095 ATan
MMM-82040R8.5mm Red Urethane spring408.52085 ARed
MMM-82040Y8.5mm Yellow Urethane spring408.52090 AYellow
MMM-8205008.5mm Tan Urethane spring5008.52095 ATan
MMM-820500R8.5mm Red Urethane spring5008.52085 ARed
MMM-820500Y8.5mm Yellow Urethane spring5008.52090 AYellow


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