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Heavy-Duty Formathane Springs
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)ID (inch)OD (inch)DurometerColor
MH1000-12L1in Tan HD Urethane spring1212 1/495 ATan
MH1000-12LR1in Red HD Urethane spring1212 1/485 ARed
MH1000-12LY1in Yellow HD Urethane spring1212 1/490 AYellow
MH1000-1501in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/212 1/495 ATan
MH1000-150R1in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/212 1/485 ARed
MH1000-150Y1in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/212 1/490 AYellow
MH1000-1751in Tan HD Urethane spring1 3/412 1/495 ATan
MH1000-175R1in Red HD Urethane spring1 3/412 1/485 ARed
MH1000-175Y1in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 3/412 1/490 AYellow
MH1000-2001in Tan HD Urethane spring212 1/495 ATan
MH1000-200R1in Red HD Urethane spring212 1/485 ARed
MH1000-200Y1in Yellow HD Urethane spring212 1/490 AYellow
MH1000-2251in Tan HD Urethane spring2 1/412 1/495 ATan
MH1000-225R1in Red HD Urethane spring2 1/412 1/485 ARed
MH1000-225Y1in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 1/412 1/490 AYellow
MH1000-24L1in Tan HD Urethane spring2412 1/495 ATan
MH1000-24LR1in Red HD Urethane spring2412 1/485 ARed
MH1000-24LY1in Yellow HD Urethane spring2412 1/490 AYellow
MH1000-2501in Tan HD Urethane spring2 1/212 1/495 ATan
MH1000-250R1in Red HD Urethane spring2 1/212 1/485 ARed
MH1000-250Y1in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 1/212 1/490 AYellow
MH1000-2751in Tan HD Urethane spring2 3/412 1/495 ATan
MH1000-275R1in Red HD Urethane spring2 3/412 1/485 ARed
MH1000-275Y1in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 3/412 1/490 AYellow
MH1000-3001in Tan HD Urethane spring312 1/495 ATan
MH1000-300R1in Red HD Urethane spring312 1/485 ARed
MH1000-300Y1in Yellow HD Urethane spring312 1/490 AYellow
MH1000-4001in Tan HD Urethane spring412 1/495 ATan
MH1000-400R1in Red HD Urethane spring412 1/485 ARed
MH1000-400Y1in Yellow HD Urethane spring412 1/490 AYellow
MH102-1001/2in Tan HD Urethane spring11/21 1/495 ATan
MH102-100R1/2in Red HD Urethane spring11/21 1/485 ARed
MH102-100Y1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring11/21 1/490 AYellow
MH102-1251/2in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/41/21 1/495 ATan
MH102-125R1/2in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/41/21 1/485 ARed
MH102-125Y1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/41/21 1/490 AYellow
MH102-12L1/2in Tan HD Urethane spring121/21 1/495 ATan
MH102-12LR1/2in Red HD Urethane spring121/21 1/485 ARed
MH102-12LY1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring121/21 1/490 AYellow
MH102-1501/2in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/21/21 1/495 ATan
MH102-150R1/2in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/21/21 1/485 ARed
MH102-150Y1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/21/21 1/490 AYellow
MH102-1751/2in Tan HD Urethane spring1 3/41/21 1/495 ATan
MH102-175R1/2in Red HD Urethane spring1 3/41/21 1/485 ARed
MH102-175Y1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 3/41/21 1/490 AYellow
MH102-2001/2in Tan HD Urethane spring21/21 1/495 ATan
MH102-200R1/2in Red HD Urethane spring21/21 1/485 ARed
MH102-200Y1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring21/21 1/490 AYellow
MH102-24L1/2in Tan HD Urethane spring241/21 1/495 ATan
MH102-24LR1/2in Red HD Urethane spring241/21 1/485 ARed
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)ID (inch)OD (inch)DurometerColor
MH102-24LY1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring241/21 1/490 AYellow
MH104-1001/4in Tan HD Urethane spring11/4195 ATan
MH104-100R1/4in Red HD Urethane spring11/4185 ARed
MH104-100Y1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring11/4190 AYellow
MH104-1251/4in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/41/4195 ATan
MH104-125R1/4in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/41/4185 ARed
MH104-125Y1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/41/4190 AYellow
MH104-12L1/4in Tan HD Urethane spring121/4195 ATan
MH104-12LR1/4in Red HD Urethane spring121/4185 ARed
MH104-12LY1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring121/4190 AYellow
MH104-1501/4in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/21/4195 ATan
MH104-150R1/4in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/21/4185 ARed
MH104-150Y1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/21/4190 AYellow
MH104-1751/4in Tan HD Urethane spring1 3/41/4195 ATan
MH104-175R1/4in Red HD Urethane spring1 3/41/4185 ARed
MH104-175Y1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 3/41/4190 AYellow
MH1102-12L1-1/2in Tan HD Urethane spring121 1/22 3/495 ATan
MH1102-12LR1-1/2in Red HD Urethane spring121 1/22 3/485 ARed
MH1102-12LY1-1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring121 1/22 3/490 AYellow
MH1102-2001-1/2in Tan HD Urethane spring21 1/22 3/495 ATan
MH1102-200R1-1/2in Red HD Urethane spring21 1/22 3/485 ARed
MH1102-200Y1-1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring21 1/22 3/490 AYellow
MH1102-2251-1/2in Tan HD Urethane spring2 1/41 1/22 3/495 ATan
MH1102-225R1-1/2in Red HD Urethane spring2 1/41 1/22 3/485 ARed
MH1102-225Y1-1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 1/41 1/22 3/490 AYellow
MH1102-24L1-1/2in Tan HD Urethane spring241 1/22 3/495 ATan
MH1102-24LR1-1/2in Red HD Urethane spring241 1/22 3/485 ARed
MH1102-24LY1-1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring241 1/22 3/490 AYellow
MH1102-2501-1/2in Tan HD Urethane spring2 1/21 1/22 3/495 ATan
MH1102-250R1-1/2in Red HD Urethane spring2 1/21 1/22 3/485 ARed
MH1102-250Y1-1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 1/21 1/22 3/490 AYellow
MH1102-2751-1/2in Tan HD Urethane spring2 3/41 1/22 3/495 ATan
MH1102-275R1-1/2in Red HD Urethane spring2 3/41 1/22 3/485 ARed
MH1102-275Y1-1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 3/41 1/22 3/490 AYellow
MH1102-3001-1/2in Tan HD Urethane spring31 1/22 3/495 ATan
MH1102-300R1-1/2in Red HD Urethane spring31 1/22 3/485 ARed
MH1102-300Y1-1/2in Yellow HD Urethane spring31 1/22 3/490 AYellow
MH1104-12L1-1/4in Tan HD Urethane spring121 1/42 1/295 ATan
MH1104-12LR1-1/4in Red HD Urethane spring121 1/42 1/285 ARed
MH1104-12LY1-1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring121 1/42 1/290 AYellow
MH1104-2001-1/4in Tan HD Urethane spring21 1/42 1/295 ATan
MH1104-200R1-1/4in Red HD Urethane spring21 1/42 1/285 ARed
MH1104-200Y1-1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring21 1/42 1/290 AYellow
MH1104-2251-1/4in Tan HD Urethane spring2 1/41 1/42 1/295 ATan
MH1104-225R1-1/4in Red HD Urethane spring2 1/41 1/42 1/285 ARed
MH1104-225Y1-1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 1/41 1/42 1/290 AYellow
MH1104-24L1-1/4in Tan HD Urethane spring241 1/42 1/295 ATan
MH1104-24LR1-1/4in Red HD Urethane spring241 1/42 1/285 ARed
MH1104-24LY1-1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring241 1/42 1/290 AYellow
MH1104-2501-1/4in Tan HD Urethane spring2 1/21 1/42 1/295 ATan
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)ID (inch)OD (inch)DurometerColor
MH1104-250R1-1/4in Red HD Urethane spring2 1/21 1/42 1/285 ARed
MH1104-250Y1-1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 1/21 1/42 1/290 AYellow
MH1104-2751-1/4in Tan HD Urethane spring2 3/41 1/42 1/295 ATan
MH1104-275R1-1/4in Red HD Urethane spring2 3/41 1/42 1/285 ARed
MH1104-275Y1-1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 3/41 1/42 1/290 AYellow
MH1104-3001-1/4in Tan HD Urethane spring31 1/42 1/295 ATan
MH1104-300R1-1/4in Red HD Urethane spring31 1/42 1/285 ARed
MH1104-300Y1-1/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring31 1/42 1/290 AYellow
MH304-1253/4in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/43/41 3/495 ATan
MH304-125R3/4in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/43/41 3/485 ARed
MH304-125Y3/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/43/41 3/490 AYellow
MH304-12L3/4in Tan HD Urethane spring123/41 3/495 ATan
MH304-12LR3/4in Red HD Urethane spring123/41 3/485 ARed
MH304-12LY3/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring123/41 3/490 AYellow
MH304-1503/4in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/23/41 3/495 ATan
MH304-150R3/4in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/23/41 3/485 ARed
MH304-150Y3/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/23/41 3/490 AYellow
MH304-1753/4in Tan HD Urethane spring1 3/43/41 3/495 ATan
MH304-175R3/4in Red HD Urethane spring1 3/43/41 3/485 ARed
MH304-175Y3/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 3/43/41 3/490 AYellow
MH304-2003/4in Tan HD Urethane spring23/41 3/495 ATan
MH304-200R3/4in Red HD Urethane spring23/41 3/485 ARed
MH304-200Y3/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring23/41 3/490 AYellow
MH304-2253/4in Tan HD Urethane spring2 1/43/41 3/495 ATan
MH304-225R3/4in Red HD Urethane spring2 1/43/41 3/485 ARed
MH304-225Y3/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 1/43/41 3/490 AYellow
MH304-24L3/4in Tan HD Urethane spring243/41 3/495 ATan
MH304-24LR3/4in Red HD Urethane spring243/41 3/485 ARed
MH304-24LY3/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring243/41 3/490 AYellow
MH304-2503/4in Tan HD Urethane spring2 1/23/41 3/495 ATan
MH304-250R3/4in Red HD Urethane spring2 1/23/41 3/485 ARed
MH304-250Y3/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 1/23/41 3/490 AYellow
MH304-2753/4in Tan HD Urethane spring2 3/43/41 3/495 ATan
MH304-275R3/4in Red HD Urethane spring2 3/43/41 3/485 ARed
MH304-275Y3/4in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 3/43/41 3/490 AYellow
MH308-1003/8in Tan HD Urethane spring13/81 1/895 ATan
MH308-100R3/8in Red HD Urethane spring13/81 1/885 ARed
MH308-100Y3/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring13/81 1/890 AYellow
MH308-1253/8in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/43/81 1/895 ATan
MH308-125R3/8in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/43/81 1/885 ARed
MH308-125Y3/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/43/81 1/890 AYellow
MH308-12L3/8in Tan HD Urethane spring123/81 1/895 ATan
MH308-12LR3/8in Red HD Urethane spring123/81 1/885 ARed
MH308-12LY3/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring123/81 1/890 AYellow
MH308-1503/8in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/23/81 1/895 ATan
MH308-150R3/8in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/23/81 1/885 ARed
MH308-150Y3/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/23/81 1/890 AYellow
MH308-1753/8in Tan HD Urethane spring1 3/43/81 1/895 ATan
MH308-175R3/8in Red HD Urethane spring1 3/43/81 1/885 ARed
MH308-175Y3/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 3/43/81 1/890 AYellow
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)ID (inch)OD (inch)DurometerColor
MH308-2003/8in Tan HD Urethane spring23/81 1/895 ATan
MH308-200R3/8in Red HD Urethane spring23/81 1/885 ARed
MH308-200Y3/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring23/81 1/890 AYellow
MH308-24L3/8in Tan HD Urethane spring243/81 1/895 ATan
MH308-24LR3/8in Red HD Urethane spring243/81 1/885 ARed
MH308-24LY3/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring243/81 1/890 AYellow
MH508-1005/8in Tan HD Urethane spring15/81 3/895 ATan
MH508-100R5/8in Red HD Urethane spring15/81 3/885 ARed
MH508-100Y5/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring15/81 3/890 AYellow
MH508-1255/8in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/45/81 3/895 ATan
MH508-125R5/8in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/45/81 3/885 ARed
MH508-125Y5/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/45/81 3/890 AYellow
MH508-12L5/8in Tan HD Urethane spring125/81 3/895 ATan
MH508-12LR5/8in Red HD Urethane spring125/81 3/885 ARed
MH508-12LY5/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring125/81 3/890 AYellow
MH508-1505/8in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/25/81 3/895 ATan
MH508-150R5/8in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/25/81 3/885 ARed
MH508-150Y5/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/25/81 3/890 AYellow
MH508-1755/8in Tan HD Urethane spring1 3/45/81 3/895 ATan
MH508-175R5/8in Red HD Urethane spring1 3/45/81 3/885 ARed
MH508-175Y5/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 3/45/81 3/890 AYellow
MH508-2005/8in Tan HD Urethane spring25/81 3/895 ATan
MH508-200R5/8in Red HD Urethane spring25/81 3/885 ARed
MH508-200Y5/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring25/81 3/890 AYellow
MH508-24L5/8in Tan HD Urethane spring245/81 3/895 ATan
MH508-24LR5/8in Red HD Urethane spring245/81 3/885 ARed
MH508-24LY5/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring245/81 3/890 AYellow
MH708-12L7/8in Tan HD Urethane spring127/8295 ATan
MH708-12LR7/8in Red HD Urethane spring127/8285 ARed
MH708-12LY7/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring127/8290 AYellow
MH708-1507/8in Tan HD Urethane spring1 1/27/8295 ATan
MH708-150R7/8in Red HD Urethane spring1 1/27/8285 ARed
MH708-150Y7/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 1/27/8290 AYellow
MH708-1757/8in Tan HD Urethane spring1 3/47/8295 ATan
MH708-175R7/8in Red HD Urethane spring1 3/47/8285 ARed
MH708-175Y7/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring1 3/47/8290 AYellow
MH708-2007/8in Tan HD Urethane spring27/8295 ATan
MH708-200R7/8in Red HD Urethane spring27/8285 ARed
MH708-200Y7/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring27/8290 AYellow
MH708-2257/8in Tan HD Urethane spring2 1/47/8295 ATan
MH708-225R7/8in Red HD Urethane spring2 1/47/8285 ARed
MH708-225Y7/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 1/47/8290 AYellow
MH708-24L7/8in Tan HD Urethane spring247/8295 ATan
MH708-24LR7/8in Red HD Urethane spring247/8285 ARed
MH708-24LY7/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring247/8290 AYellow
MH708-2507/8in Tan HD Urethane spring2 1/27/8295 ATan
MH708-250R7/8in Red HD Urethane spring2 1/27/8285 ARed
MH708-250Y7/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 1/27/8290 AYellow
MH708-2757/8in Tan HD Urethane spring2 3/47/8295 ATan
MH708-275R7/8in Red HD Urethane spring2 3/47/8285 ARed
Part No.DescriptionLength (inch)ID (inch)OD (inch)DurometerColor
MH708-275Y7/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring2 3/47/8290 AYellow
MH708-3007/8in Tan HD Urethane spring37/8295 ATan
MH708-300R7/8in Red HD Urethane spring37/8285 ARed
MH708-300Y7/8in Yellow HD Urethane spring37/8290 AYellow


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