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Guide Posts: Plain and Ball Bearing Press Fit
Part No.DescriptionO - Diameter (mm)L - Length (mm)
5-1810-82POST,18MM X 100MM LONG18100
5-1811-82POST,18MM X 110MM LONG18110
5-1812-82POST,18MM X 120MM LONG18120
5-1813-82POST,18MM X 130MM LONG18130
5-1814-82POST,18MM X 140MM LONG18140
5-1815-82POST,18MM X 150MM LONG18150
5-1816-82POST,18MM X 160MM LONG18160
5-1817-82POST,18MM X 170MM LONG18170
5-1818-82POST,18MM X 180MM LONG18180
5-1819-82POST,18MM X 190MM LONG18190
5-1820-82POST,18MM X 200MM LONG18200
5-1910-82POST,19MM X 100MM LONG19100
5-1911-82POST,19MM X 110MM LONG19110
5-1912-82POST,19MM X 120MM LONG19120
5-1913-82POST,19MM X 130MM LONG19130
5-1914-82POST,19MM X 140MM LONG19140
5-1915-82POST,19MM X 150MM LONG19150
5-1916-82POST,19MM X 160MM LONG19160
5-1917-82POST,19MM X 170MM LONG19170
5-1918-82POST,19MM X 180MM LONG19180
5-1919-82POST,19MM X 190MM LONG19190
5-1920-82POST,19MM X 200MM LONG19200
5-2410-82POST,24MM X 100MM LONG24100
5-2411-82POST,24MM X 110MM LONG24110
5-2412-82POST,24MM X 120MM LONG24120
5-2413-82POST,24MM X 130MM LONG24130
5-2414-82POST,24MM X 140MM LONG24140
5-2415-82POST,24MM X 150MM LONG24150
5-2416-82POST,24MM X 160MM LONG24160
5-2417-82POST,24MM X 170MM LONG24170
5-2418-82POST,24MM X 180MM LONG24180
5-2419-82POST,24MM X 190MM LONG24190
5-2420-82POST,24MM X 200MM LONG24200
5-2422-82POST,24MM X 220MM LONG24220
5-2424-82POST,24MM X 240MM LONG24240
5-2426-82POST,24MM X 260MM LONG24260
5-2510-82*POST,25MM X 100MM LONG BALL BEARING25100
5-2511-82*POST,25MM X 110MM LONG BALL BEARING25110
5-2512-82*POST,25MM X 120MM LONG BALL BEARING25120
5-2513-82*POST,25MM X 130MM LONG BALL BEARING25130
5-2514-82*POST,25MM X 140MM LONG BALL BEARING25140
5-2515-82*POST,25MM X 150MM LONG BALL BEARING25150
5-2516-82*POST,25MM X 160MM LONG BALL BEARING25160
5-2517-82*POST,25MM X 170MM LONG BALL BEARING25170
5-2518-82POST,25MM X 180MM LONG BALL BEARING25180
5-2519-82*POST,25MM X 190MM LONG BALL BEARING25190
5-2520-82*POST,25MM X 200MM LONG BALL BEARING25200
5-2522-82*POST,25MM X 220MM LONG BALL BEARING25220
5-2524-82*POST,25MM X 240MM LONG BALL BEARING25240
5-2526-82POST,25MM X 260MM LONG BALL BEARING25260
Part No.DescriptionO - Diameter (mm)L - Length (mm)
5-3010-82POST,30MM X 100MM LONG BALL BEARING30100
5-3011-82POST,30MM X 110MM LONG BALL BEARING30110
5-3012-82POST,30MM X 120MM LONG BALL BEARING30120
5-3013-82POST,30MM X 130MM LONG BALL BEARING30130
5-3014-82POST,30MM X 140MM LONG BALL BEARING30140
5-3015-82POST,30MM X 150MM LONG BALL BEARING30150
5-3016-82POST,30MM X 160MM LONG BALL BEARING30160
5-3017-82POST,30MM X 170MM LONG BALL BEARING30170
5-3018-82POST,30MM X 180MM LONG BALL BEARING30180
5-3019-82POST,30MM X 190MM LONG BALL BEARING30190
5-3020-82POST,30MM X 200MM LONG BALL BEARING30200
5-3022-82POST,30MM X 220MM LONG BALL BEARING30220
5-3024-82POST,30MM X 240MM LONG BALL BEARING30240
5-3026-82POST,30MM X 260MM LONG BALL BEARING30260
5-3028-82POST,30MM X 280MM LONG BALL BEARING30280
5-3030-82POST,30MM X 300MM LONG BALL BEARING30300
5-3032-82POST,30MM X 320MM LONG BALL BEARING30320
5-3210-82*POST,32MM X 100MM LONG BALL BEARING32100
5-3211-82*POST,32MM X 110MM LONG BALL BEARING32110
5-3212-82*POST,32MM X 120MM LONG BALL BEARING32120
5-3213-82*POST,32MM X 130MM LONG BALL BEARING32130
5-3214-82*POST,32MM X 140MM LONG BALL BEARING32140
5-3215-82*POST,32MM X 150MM LONG BALL BEARING32150
5-3216-82*POST,32MM X 160MM LONG BALL BEARING32160
5-3217-82*POST,32MM X 170MM LONG BALL BEARING32170
5-3218-82POST,32MM X 180MM LONG BALL BEARING32180
5-3219-82*POST,32MM X 190MM LONG BALL BEARING32190
5-3220-82*POST,32MM X 200MM LONG BALL BEARING32200
5-3222-82*POST,32MM X 220MM LONG BALL BEARING32220
5-3224-82*POST,32MM X 240MM LONG BALL BEARING32240
5-3226-82*POST,32MM X 260MM LONG BALL BEARING32260
5-3228-82*POST,32MM X 280MM LONG BALL BEARING32280
5-3230-82POST,32MM X 300MM LONG BALL BEARING32300
5-3232-82POST,32MM X 320MM LONG BALL BEARING32320
5-3811-82POST,38MM X 110MM LONG BALL BEARING38110
5-3812-82POST,38MM X 120MM LONG BALL BEARING38120
5-3813-82POST,38MM X 130MM LONG BALL BEARING38130
5-3814-82POST,38MM X 140MM LONG BALL BEARING38140
5-3815-82POST,38MM X 150MM LONG BALL BEARING38150
5-3816-82POST,38MM X 160MM LONG BALL BEARING38160
5-3817-82POST,38MM X 170MM LONG BALL BEARING38170
5-3818-82POST,38MM X 180MM LONG BALL BEARING38180
5-3819-82POST,38MM X 190MM LONG BALL BEARING38190
5-3820-82POST,38MM X 200MM LONG BALL BEARING38200
5-3822-82POST,38MM X 220MM LONG BALL BEARING38220
5-3824-82POST,38MM X 240MM LONG BALL BEARING38240
5-3826-82POST,38MM X 260MM LONG BALL BEARING38260
5-3828-82POST,38MM X 280MM LONG BALL BEARING38280
5-3830-82POST,38MM X 300MM LONG BALL BEARING38300
5-3832-82POST,38MM X 320MM LONG BALL BEARING38320
Part No.DescriptionO - Diameter (mm)L - Length (mm)
5-3836-82POST,38MM X 360MM LONG BALL BEARING38360
5-4011-82*POST,40MM X 110MM LONG BALL BEARING40110
5-4012-82*POST,40MM X 120MM LONG BALL BEARING40120
5-4013-82*POST,40MM X 130MM LONG BALL BEARING40130
5-4014-82*POST,40MM X 140MM LONG BALL BEARING40140
5-4015-82*POST,40MM X 150MM LONG BALL BEARING40150
5-4016-82*POST,40MM X 160MM LONG BALL BEARING40160
5-4017-82*POST,40MM X 170MM LONG BALL BEARING40170
5-4018-82POST,40MM X 180MM LONG BALL BEARING40180
5-4019-82*POST,40MM X 190MM LONG BALL BEARING40190
5-4020-82*POST,40MM X 200MM LONG BALL BEARING40200
5-4022-82*POST,40MM X 220MM LONG BALL BEARING40220
5-4024-82*POST,40MM X 240MM LONG BALL BEARING40240
5-4026-82*POST,40MM X 260MM LONG BALL BEARING40260
5-4028-82*POST,40MM X 280MM LONG BALL BEARING40280
5-4030-82*POST,40MM X 300MM LONG BALL BEARING40300
5-4032-82POST,40MM X 320MM LONG BALL BEARING40320
5-4036-82POST,40MM X 360MM LONG BALL BEARING40360
5-4813-82POST,48MM X 130MM LONG BALL BEARING48130
5-4814-82POST,48MM X 140MM LONG BALL BEARING48140
5-4815-82POST,48MM X 150MM LONG BALL BEARING48150
5-4816-82POST,48MM X 160MM LONG BALL BEARING48160
5-4817-82POST,48MM X 170MM LONG BALL BEARING48170
5-4818-82POST,48MM X 180MM LONG BALL BEARING48180
5-4819-82POST,48MM X 190MM LONG BALL BEARING48190
5-4820-82POST,48MM X 200MM LONG BALL BEARING48200
5-4822-82POST,48MM X 220MM LONG BALL BEARING48220
5-4824-82POST,48MM X 240MM LONG BALL BEARING48240
5-4826-82POST,48MM X 260MM LONG BALL BEARING48260
5-4828-82POST,48MM X 280MM LONG BALL BEARING48280
5-4830-82POST,48MM X 300MM LONG BALL BEARING48300
5-4832-82POST,48MM X 80MM LONG BALL BEARING48320
5-4836-82POST,48MM X 360MM LONG BALL BEARING48360
5-4840-82POST,48MM X 400MM LONG BALL BEARING48400
5-4845-82POST,48MM X 450MM LONG BALL BEARING48450
5-5013-82*POST,50MM X 130MM LONG BALL BEARING50130
5-5014-82*POST,50MM X 140MM LONG BALL BEARING50140
5-5015-82*POST,50MM X 150MM LONG BALL BEARING50150
5-5016-82*POST,50MM X 160MM LONG BALL BEARING50160
5-5017-82*POST,50MM X 170MM LONG BALL BEARING50170
5-5018-82*POST,50MM X 180MM LONG BALL BEARING50180
5-5019-82*POST,50MM X 190MM LONG BALL BEARING50190
5-5020-82*POST,50MM X 200MM LONG BALL BEARING50200
5-5022-82*POST,50MM X 220MM LONG BALL BEARING50220
5-5024-82*POST,50MM X 240MM LONG BALL BEARING50240
5-5026-82*POST,50MM X 260MM LONG BALL BEARING50260
5-5028-82*POST,50MM X 280MM LONG BALL BEARING50280
5-5030-82POST,50MM X 300MM LONG BALL BEARING50300
5-5032-82POST,50MM X 320MM LONG BALL BEARING50320
5-5036-82*POST,50MM X 360MM LONG BALL BEARING50360
Part No.DescriptionO - Diameter (mm)L - Length (mm)
5-5040-82POST,50MM X 400MM LONG BALL BEARING50400
5-5045-82POST,50MM X 450MM LONG BALL BEARING50450
5-6320-82*POST,63MM X 200MM LONG BALL BEARING63200
5-6322-82*POST,63MM X 220MM LONG BALL BEARING63220
5-6324-82*POST,63MM X 240MM LONG BALL BEARING63240
5-6326-82*POST,63MM X 260MM LONG BALL BEARING63260
5-6328-82*POST,63MM X 280MM LONG BALL BEARING63280
5-6330-82POST,63MM X 300MM LONG BALL BEARING63300
5-6332-82POST,63MM X 320MM LONG BALL BEARING63320
5-6336-82*POST,63MM X 360MM LONG BALL BEARING63360
5-6340-82POST,63MM X 400MM LONG BALL BEARING63400
5-6345-82POST,63MM X 450MM LONG BALL BEARING63450
5-6350-82POST,63MM X 500MM LONG BALL BEARING63500
5-8020-82*POST,80MM X 200MM LONG BALL BEARING80200
5-8022-82*POST,80MM X 220MM LONG BALL BEARING80220
5-8024-82*POST,80MM X 240MM LONG BALL BEARING80240
5-8026-82*POST,80MM X 260MM LONG BALL BEARING80260
5-8028-82*POST,80MM X 280MM LONG BALL BEARING80280
5-8030-82POST,80MM X 300MM LONG BALL BEARING80300
5-8032-82POST,80MM X 320MM LONG BALL BEARING80320
5-8036-82*POST,80MM X 360MM LONG BALL BEARING80360
5-8040-82POST,80MM X 400MM LONG BALL BEARING80400
5-8045-82POST,80MM X 450MM LONG BALL BEARING80450
5-8050-82POST,80MM X 500MM LONG BALL BEARING80500


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