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JIS Springs: Medium Duty (Red)
Part No.DescriptionWire TypeA - Hole Diameter (mm)C - Free Length (mm)Spring Constant (kgf/mm)
93-1020JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 20MMRectangular10203.13
93-1025JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 25MMRectangular10252.50
93-1030JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 30MMRectangular10302.08
93-1035JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 35MMRectangular10351.78
93-1040JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 40MMRectangular10401.56
93-1045JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 45MMRectangular10451.38
93-1050JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 50MMRectangular10501.25
93-1055JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 55MMRectangular10551.13
93-1060JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 60MMRectangular10601.04
93-1065JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 65MMRectangular10650.96
93-1070JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 70MMRectangular10700.89
93-1075JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 75MMRectangular10750.83
93-1080JIS SPRING MD 10MM X 80MMRectangular10800.78
93-1220JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 20MMRectangular12204.53
93-1225JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 25MMRectangular12253.62
93-1230JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 30MMRectangular12303.02
93-1235JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 35MMRectangular12352.58
93-1240JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 40MMRectangular12402.27
93-1245JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 45MMRectangular12452.01
93-1250JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 50MMRectangular12501.81
93-1255JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 55MMRectangular12551.64
93-1260JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 60MMRectangular12601.51
93-1265JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 65MMRectangular12651.39
93-1270JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 70MMRectangular12701.29
93-1275JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 75MMRectangular12751.20
93-1280JIS SPRING MD 12MM X 80MMRectangular12801.13
93-1425JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 25MMRectangular14254.87
93-1430JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 30MMRectangular14304.06
93-1435JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 35MMRectangular14353.48
93-1440JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 40MMRectangular14403.04
93-1445JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 45MMRectangular14452.70
93-1450JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 50MMRectangular14502.43
93-1455JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 55MMRectangular14552.21
93-1460JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 60MMRectangular14602.03
93-1465JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 65MMRectangular14651.87
93-1470JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 70MMRectangular14701.74
93-1475JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 75MMRectangular14751.62
93-1480JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 80MMRectangular14801.52
93-1490JIS SPRING MD 14MM X 90MMRectangular14901.35
93-16100JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 100MMRectangular161001.59
93-1625JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 25MMRectangular16256.39
93-1630JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 30MMRectangular16305.32
93-1635JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 35MMRectangular16354.55
93-1640JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 40MMRectangular16403.98
93-1645JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 45MMRectangular16453.54
93-1650JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 50MMRectangular16503.18
93-1655JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 55MMRectangular16552.89
93-1660JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 60MMRectangular16602.65
93-1665JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 65MMRectangular16652.45
93-1670JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 70MMRectangular16702.27
Part No.DescriptionWire TypeA - Hole Diameter (mm)C - Free Length (mm)Spring Constant (kgf/mm)
93-1675JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 75MMRectangular16752.11
93-1680JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 80MMRectangular16801.99
93-1690JIS SPRING MD 16MM X 90MMRectangular16901.77
93-18100JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 100MMRectangular181002.02
93-1825JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 25MMRectangular18258.12
93-1830JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 30MMRectangular18306.77
93-1835JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 35MMRectangular18355.80
93-1840JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 40MMRectangular18405.07
93-1845JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 45MMRectangular18454.51
93-1850JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 50MMRectangular18504.06
93-1855JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 55MMRectangular18553.69
93-1860JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 60MMRectangular18603.38
93-1865JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 65MMRectangular18653.12
93-1870JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 70MMRectangular18702.90
93-1875JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 75MMRectangular18752.70
93-1880JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 80MMRectangular18802.53
93-1890JIS SPRING MD 18MM X 90MMRectangular18902.25
93-20100JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 100MMRectangular201002.50
93-20125JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 125MMRectangular201252.00
93-20150JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 150MMRectangular201501.67
93-2025JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 25MMRectangular202510.00
93-2030JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 30MMRectangular20308.33
93-2035JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 35MMRectangular20357.14
93-2040JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 40MMRectangular20406.25
93-2045JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 45MMRectangular20455.55
93-2050JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 50MMRectangular20505.00
93-2055JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 55MMRectangular20554.54
93-2060JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 60MMRectangular20604.16
93-2065JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 65MMRectangular20653.84
93-2070JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 70MMRectangular20703.57
93-2075JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 75MMRectangular20753.33
93-2080JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 80MMRectangular20803.12
93-2090JIS SPRING MD 20MM X 90MMRectangular20902.77
93-22100JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 100MMRectangular221003.03
93-22125JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 125MMRectangular221252.42
93-22150JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 150MMRectangular221502.01
93-2225JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 25MMRectangular222512.13
93-2230JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 30MMRectangular223010.10
93-2235JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 35MMRectangular22358.65
93-2240JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 40MMRectangular22407.57
93-2245JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 45MMRectangular22456.74
93-2250JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 50MMRectangular22506.06
93-2255JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 55MMRectangular22555.50
93-2260JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 60MMRectangular22605.05
93-2265JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 65MMRectangular22654.66
93-2270JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 70MMRectangular22704.33
93-2275JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 75MMRectangular22754.04
93-2280JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 80MMRectangular22803.78
93-2290JIS SPRING MD 22MM X 90MMRectangular22903.36
93-25100JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 100MMRectangular251003.90
Part No.DescriptionWire TypeA - Hole Diameter (mm)C - Free Length (mm)Spring Constant (kgf/mm)
93-25125JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 125MMRectangular251253.12
93-25150JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 150MMRectangular251502.60
93-25175JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 175MMRectangular251752.23
93-2525JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 25MMRectangular252515.63
93-2530JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 30MMRectangular253013.02
93-2535JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 35MMRectangular253511.20
93-2540JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 40MMRectangular25409.76
93-2545JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 45MMRectangular25458.68
93-2550JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 50MMRectangular25507.81
93-2555JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 55MMRectangular25557.10
93-2560JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 60MMRectangular25606.51
93-2565JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 65MMRectangular25656.00
93-2570JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 70MMRectangular25705.58
93-2575JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 75MMRectangular25755.21
93-2580JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 80MMRectangular25804.88
93-2590JIS SPRING MD 25MM X 90MMRectangular25904.34
93-27100JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 100MMRectangular271004.56
93-27125JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 125MMRectangular271253.65
93-27150JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 150MMRectangular271503.04
93-27175JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 175MMRectangular271752.61
93-2725JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 25MMRectangular272518.25
93-2730JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 30MMRectangular273015.20
93-2735JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 35MMRectangular273513.04
93-2740JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 40MMRectangular274011.40
93-2745JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 45MMRectangular274510.14
93-2750JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 50MMRectangular27509.12
93-2755JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 55MMRectangular27558.30
93-2760JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 60MMRectangular27607.60
93-2765JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 65MMRectangular27657.00
93-2770JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 70MMRectangular27706.51
93-2775JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 75MMRectangular27756.08
93-2780JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 80MMRectangular27805.70
93-2790JIS SPRING MD 27MM X 90MMRectangular27905.06
93-30100JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 100MMRectangular301005.62
93-30125JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 125MMRectangular301254.50
93-30150JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 150MMRectangular301503.75
93-30175JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 175MMRectangular301753.21
93-30200JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 200MMRectangular302002.81
93-3025JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 25MMRectangular302522.50
93-3030JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 30MMRectangular303018.75
93-3035JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 35MMRectangular303516.10
93-3040JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 40MMRectangular304014.06
93-3045JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 45MMRectangular304512.50
93-3050JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 50MMRectangular305011.25
93-3055JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 55MMRectangular305510.23
93-3060JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 60MMRectangular30609.37
93-3065JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 65MMRectangular30658.65
93-3070JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 70MMRectangular30708.03
93-3075JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 75MMRectangular30757.50
93-3080JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 80MMRectangular30807.03
Part No.DescriptionWire TypeA - Hole Diameter (mm)C - Free Length (mm)Spring Constant (kgf/mm)
93-3090JIS SPRING MD 30MM X 90MMRectangular30906.25
93-35100JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 100MMRectangular351007.65
93-35125JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 125MMRectangular351256.12
93-35150JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 150MMRectangular351505.10
93-35175JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 175MMRectangular351754.37
93-35200JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 200MMRectangular352003.82
93-3540JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 40MMRectangular354019.14
93-3545JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 45MMRectangular354517.01
93-3550JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 50MMRectangular355015.31
93-3555JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 55MMRectangular355513.92
93-3560JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 60MMRectangular356012.76
93-3565JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 65MMRectangular356511.77
93-3570JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 70MMRectangular357010.93
93-3575JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 75MMRectangular357510.20
93-3580JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 80MMRectangular35809.57
93-3590JIS SPRING MD 35MM X 90MMRectangular35908.50
93-40100JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 100MMRectangular4010011.11
93-40125JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 125MMRectangular4012510.00
93-40150JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 150MMRectangular401508.00
93-40175JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 175MMRectangular401756.66
93-40200JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 200MMRectangular402005.71
93-40250JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 250MMRectangular402505.00
93-4040JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 40MMRectangular40404.00
93-4050JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 50MMRectangular405025.02
93-4060JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 60MMRectangular406020.00
93-4070JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 70MMRectangular407016.60
93-4080JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 80MMRectangular408014.28
93-4090JIS SPRING MD 40MM X 90MMRectangular409012.50
93-50100JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 100MMRectangular5010015.62
93-50125JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 125MMRectangular5012512.50
93-50150JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 150MMRectangular5015010.41
93-50175JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 175MMRectangular501758.92
93-50200JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 200MMRectangular502007.81
93-50250JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 250MMRectangular502506.25
93-50300JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 300MMRectangular503005.20
93-5050JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 50MMRectangular505031.25
93-5060JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 60MMRectangular506026.04
93-5070JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 70MMRectangular507022.32
93-5080JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 80MMRectangular508019.53
93-5090JIS SPRING MD 50MM X 90MMRectangular509017.36
93-60100JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 100MMRectangular6010022.50
93-60125JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 125MMRectangular6012518.00
93-60150JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 150MMRectangular6015015.00
93-60175JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 175MMRectangular6017512.85
93-60200JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 200MMRectangular6020011.25
93-60250JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 250MMRectangular602509.00
93-60300JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 300MMRectangular603007.50
93-6060JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 60MMRectangular606037.40
93-6070JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 70MMRectangular607032.10
93-6080JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 80MMRectangular608028.12
Part No.DescriptionWire TypeA - Hole Diameter (mm)C - Free Length (mm)Spring Constant (kgf/mm)
93-6090JIS SPRING MD 60MM X 90MMRectangular609025.00


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